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Supply Management Training Diploma  (Online)  -  Winter 2017
Technical Course
Course Code
SMT - Operations Management Online ITOW171SS Jan. 16 – Apr. 10, 2017 Helmut Kollross/ Jean Loitz
SMT - Transportation Online ITTW171SS Jan. 17 – Apr. 11, 2017 Helmut Kollross
SMT -  Logistics Online ITLW171SS Jan. 18 – Apr. 12, 2017 Helmut Kollross
SMT -  Procurement Online ITPW171SS Jan. 19 – Apr. 13, 2017 Helmut Kollross/ Jerome Ferber

Please note:

a) Registration Deadline - January 11th, 2017

b) Please sign-up/create your account and register/pay for the course online.

c) The course will activate and allow access only from the start date.

d) Prices:

  • Member Price: $725 + applicable taxes
  • Non-Member Price: $850 + applicable taxes

How to Register

Current students and SCMA Members enter SMT Online through the Portal.

Non- Members who are registering for SMT Online for the first time must first create a profile to access the portal.