Session 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm  

Topic: Using Electronic Reverse Auctions as a Strategic Negotiating Technique (Option A)

Ben Headshot 5x6

Ben Koberna


  Craig Milley 5x6

Craig Milley

Central Procurement Office Cayman Islands Goverment

Electronic Reverse Auctions (eRA) uses technology to give suppliers real-time feedback about their pricing, enabling them to lower their bid in order to secure a contract. Buyers can use eRA’s to transform their procurement process by accelerating their negotiation process, increasing visibility into pricing, and delivering major savings to their organization.

In this interactive session, bring your laptop and compete for a fictitious contract in a live online bidding event.

About Ben

Ben Koberna has been shaping international reverse auction practice since 2007. Previously he was a technology infrastructure consultant for fortune 100 companies. Ben has designed and implemented reverse auction practices for organizations in both the private and public sector. He is a guest lecturer at the Osgoode Hall Law School where he lectures for their Procurement Law and Practice Certificate. With his team, Ben has consulted on hundreds of reverse auctions resulting in close to $500 million dollars in awarded solicitation. Ben is a father of three and an accomplished musician. He lives in Kent, Ohio with his family.

About Craig

Craig Milley was appointed the first ever Chief Procurement Officer for the Cayman Islands Government in 2015. Previously Craig was the head of procurement for the City of Lethbridge overseeing $150M in annual spend. In 2013 his team was the sole recipient of Summit Magazine’s national Leadership in Public Procurement award for using competitive dialogue on several large capital projects.

Craig has served on several professional association Boards including SCMA AB. He is an experienced conference speaker, university lecturer and is also on the adjunct faculty at Osgoode Hall Law School’s professional development program for lawyers and procurement professionals.



Topic: Toward a Neural Economy of Capital Programs (Option B)

RobertHarms 5x6

Robert Harms

EPC Lens, Inc.


This dynamic and provocative presentation explores the frontiers of emerging sciences - prediction science, data science, neural systems - as the architecture for imminent change in capital strategies and execution for CAPEX and OPEX intensive businesses. Western Canada alone invests $40B - $60B / year in energy, mining and infrastructure. Lets help the industries of engineering, procurement and construction to reduce risk, improve prediction certainty, and improve efficiency in capital spend, by bridging technology and work process.

About Robert

Robert founded and is President of EPC Lens, following 25 years of progressive professional development in capital and operating programs across Canada and internationally. He has lead the commercial and execution strategies for some of the most intensive projects in mining, oil, refining and power generation, primarily as a consultant to the major international producers. Between 2010 and 2017, Robert invented (with protected IP) key processes to help supply chain and project management to leverage information technology and process, both as Director of SCM and Project Services, and in leading to the launch of EPC Lens in 2018. In support of EPC Lens programs, Robert writes and presents on matters of supply chain, project management, risk, emergent information technology and market concerns, for clients, industry, and public interest.


Topic: Leveraging Clean Technologies – The Supply Chain Experience(Option C)

Susan Carlisle 5x6

Susan Carlisle

  North-Central Alberta

Be inspired by the vision and successes of three leaders in implementing clean technologies and sustainability best practices in their supply chains and operations to reduce emissions and achieve other environmental outcomes.

This session will showcase green supply chain leaders sharing their vision, successes, and challenges.

  • Edmonton International Airport: A major transportation logistics hub in Alberta, is reducing its environmental footprint for Transportation and Logistics (human and freight), Facilities, is demonstrating and adopting a variety of clean technologies as part of their strategy to improve the sustainability of moving people and goods.
  • Landmark Homes: An innovative, Alberta-based home building company shows how clean technologies can result in more sustainable buildings, and reduce environmental impact of construction from start to finish. Improving sustainability of the building construction lifecycle, from sourcing, to manufacturing and building, to post-construction.

Session 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm  

Topic: IoT and AI : A Decision Making Framework (Option A)

Emanuel 5x6

Emanuel Kijazi

Business Economist
FJ Analytics

BruceMatichuk 5x6

Bruce Matichuk

Chief Technology Officer
Salu Design Group Inc.


Internet of Things (IoT) will generate more data for businesses. Thus, managers will increasingly be forced to use data to make decisions. Data-driven managerial abilities will be key to the success of future managers. This session will demonstrate how managers can use data to make decisions and improve business outcomes. Moreover, the session will show how data can be used to enforce accountability and formulate long-term business strategies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. It’s in our phones, the applications we use, the cameras we walk by, in our cars and even in the appliances we use at home. Recent advances have propelled AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML) to the forefront of business thinking. Managers need a decision-making framework to incorporate emerging AI/ML trends and to plan and prepare for the future of work. This session provides an introduction to Artificial Intelligence with illustrations of how Machine Learning works. We examine current advances in machine learning and their application in business. The session will conclude with an overview of trends and the impacts of AI as it relates to the future of work.

About Emanuel - IoT Speaker

Emanuel is an economist with a specialization in performance improvement. He is the lead analyst and co-founder of FJ Analytics; a logistics consulting company in Edmonton. Prior to co-founding FJ Analytics, he was an Analyst for DHL Supply Chain. For the last 4 years his work has been in supply chain management, creating quantitative management models for logistics companies. Emanuel is a board member and co-founder of Wayfinders business co-op in Edmonton.

Emanuel holds a Masters of Economics from Dalhousie University and a BA(honours) in Business Economics & Management from Nottingham University.

About Bruce - AI Speaker

Bruce Matichuk received his BSc. (1986) and M.Sc. (2007) in Computer Science from the University of Alberta and was part of the PhD program up until 2010. Bruce has worked as a founder of several AI based companies including Celcorp, Poynt, Tapestry, Salu Design Group and Aidant Intelligent Technology. Bruce's systems have been installed at many fortune 500 companies including Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Holiday Inn, American Airlines and others. Research interests include biometric estimation with Neural Nets, image recognition, behavior analysis and intelligent agents. Bruce is also a contributor to Troy Media writing on AI trends and its impact.



Topic: Robotic Automation, Warehousing & Logistics (Option B)

HeatherStewart 5x6

Heather Stewart

BBE Expediting Ltd.


Nick Klien Dematic Canada 5x6

Nick Klein

   Director, Business Devlopment  
Dematic Canada

Consider how robotic order fulfillment will increase productivity and accuracy, and how automated guided vehicles (AGVS) will reduce labour needs and increase profit. This session, led by industry thought leader Nick Klein, will focus on the value of introducing different forms of robotic automation to your supply chain with specific attention to Robotic Order Fulfillment and AGVS. Join this session to understand the level of automation right for your business and the technology behind it.

About Heather

Heather Stewart is the President of Braden-Burry Expediting Limited (BBE) which is a medium sized logistics company providing freight services to the mining, airline, oil & gas and construction industries. With six locations throughout Canada, the core business focuses on moving cargo into remote areas in the North. Heather has demonstrated strong Core Board Competencies through her entrepreneurial spirit and thinking outside the box, with especially strong skills in Leading and Managing Change, Critical Judgment and Decision Making as well as Interactive Communication. Heather has also been instrumental in increasing the principles, skills and knowledge of best practices of supply change management at BBE by all her efforts in the reorganizing and restructuring of BBE and by utilizing and employing students from MacEwan University in supply chain co-op positions. She is looking forward to continuing to grow and develop supply chain disciplines both at BBE and with and through the SCMA National Board.

About Nick

Nick has been involved in the development of intra-logistics solutions for over 20 years. Typical solutions for distribution centre operations include process improvements, best practice logistics methods, performance optimizing software, and material handling automation. He has collaborated with end-users, 3PL companies, and consultants to find optimal solutions for distribution centres, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. To develop a solution, Nick uses a data driven agnostic approach with an operations focus that includes current state analysis, operations planning, and strategic/tactical planning. As Director of Business Development, Nick supports Dematic in providing engineered logistics solutions for warehousing and distribution operations across Canada.


Topic: Clean Technology Solutions for Greener Supply Chains - Innovator Showcase (Option C)

Susan Carlisle 5x6

Susan Carlisle

North-Central AB Liason

Chris Thrall 5x6

Chris Thrall

 President & CEO 

John Murphy 5x6

John Murphy

 Chief Executive Officer
Stream Technologies

Mike Kennedy 5x6

Mike Kennedy

  Founder & President
Green Metrics Ltd.

A showcase of locally-developed clean technologies that are helping to make supply chains greener from sourcing to operations to waste utilization. Panel will be followed by breakout working session to explore ways you can green supply chain in your organization and supply chain management role.

Clean technology innovators share their solutions for greener supply chains.

• BioRefinex -This made-in-Alberta clean technology closes the supply chain loop through conversion of organic wastes into valued products, benefits both the environment and human health. Closing the supply chain loop on livestock production by turning post-processing and post-consumer organic wastes into valued products.

Stream Technologies - Sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) can be deployed as clean technology to reduce environmental impacts along the supply chain in many sectors. This example showcases intelligent solutions to optimize production of agricultural field crops. Sensors to optimize agricultural production to help build a greener, more sustainable supply chain for food and bio-products.

Green Metric City (Green Analytics Corp.) - A user-friendly IT platform and in-house data analysis services enables urban decision makers to make informed decisions about procurement and energy management with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from energy use in buildings. This system measures actual energy use and GHG emissions, and can support energy resilience and response to critical energy supply incidents. A decision tool for understanding and optimizing energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions for your community and municipal infrastructure. Implications for municipal procurement.

About Susan

Based in Edmonton, in her role as Northern Alberta Liaison for ACTia Susan aims to build awareness of the association, attract investment and market interest in Alberta clean technologies, and foster collaboration with like-minded organizations such as ABCTech and BioAlberta. Susan is also an independent consultant in the bioeconomy, with a focus on strengthening the supply chain for re-use and recycling of biomass residuals.

Susan worked with the Alberta Department of Energy for over 25 years, and was Director of Alternative and Renewable Energy, from 2008 to 2015. While serving in this capacity, Susan’s team carried out alternative and renewable energy policy and regulatory development, and managed Alberta’s Renewable Fuels Standard and bioenergy grant programs.
Susan has a B.Sc. in Biology (Queen's University), a Masters of Library and Information Science (University of British Columbia), and has also previously worked in areas relating to information management, oil, gas and mineral rights, and agriculture and forestry research.

About Chris

Since 2010, Chris has provided leadership to BioRefinex in advancing commercialization of a proprietary thermal hydrolysis technology that transforms organic waste material and animal by-products into renewable energy and high-grade organic fertilizers – a circular economy process.  Chris previously worked in the wholesale power sector, including over 6 years with Direct Energy. As VP of Wholesale New Energy with Direct Energy, he established a pan-North American team to manage the company’s wholesale renewable energy and carbon market activities across Canada and the United States.

About John

John Murphy is the CEO and Co-Founder of Stream Technologies Inc. and D-TEX Inc.  Learn how his company is applying the power of spectroscopy and ‘artificial intelligence’ can enhance sustainability and productivity in agriculture, and what sensing technologies mean to supply chain and procurement.  John is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years in technology commercialization and committed to one simple goal: to make a difference in the World.

About Mike

Founder of Green Metrics Ltd., which provides a spatial energy efficiency mapping and reporting tool for municipalities in Canada. Mike is also Founder and President of Green Analytics, a consulting firm specializing in the economic dimensions of people and the planet, as well as Oleofoam Inc., a clean technology firm developing bio-based polyols and polyurethane products for green buildings and construction.  Mike recently completed his PhD Dissertation in Business Administration, Management Information Systems at Washington State University, and holds both an M.Sc. in Forestry and Environmental Management, and a B.Sc. in Forestry and Environmental Management from the University of New Brunswick.