This white paper provides a framework for senior executives to transform their supply chain from simply a tactical, product delivery or cost center to a more holistic strategic asset that first creates and captures new value, and delivers that value to the bottom line, then enhances competitive position and creates the kind of competitive advantage that is difficult for others to copy.

The strategic framework enables supply chain managers to deliver improved results in a severe downturn relative to traditional approaches, be positioned to create even more value when the rebound occurs, and provide a strategic approach to the supply chain’s role in the business going forward.

The goal is to create a sustainable competitive advantage – to position the company to weather storms, rebound quickly when market conditions warrant, deliver attractive financial returns and put supply chain managers in position to help plan and execute those business-critical action plans in close cooperation with the CEO and CFO (i.e. have a seat at the direction setting table as a key contributor).

Download the complete white paper below. Please note that the white paper is proprietary to SCMA Alberta. 

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