Katrina DaacaKatrina Daaca graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2014, where she successfully completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours). Currently working for Manitoba Housing as a Procurement Specialist, Katrina is this year’s recipient of SCMA’s Ascendant Award. Ascendant Awards are presented to an individual who, early in their career, already demonstrates the characteristics of strong leadership, passion, innovation and creativity, and a dedication to the supply chain profession.

Katrina’s interest for the supply chain industry is illustrated by her two ‐year term as President of the University of Manitoba Supply Chain Organization (UMSCO) at the Asper School of Business. Membership doubled in size during her presidency due to her strong leadership, and her desire to make a difference, which contributed to making the association one that students could be proud to call their own.

I learned early in my commerce degree that supply chain management is a niche major and career path. As a result, I’ve made it my personal mandate to advance the profession of supply chain management. At an organization level, I leverage my education and experience in supply chain management to build efficient procurement processes. I aim to be an advocate for both my department and my profession—understanding that the profession of supply chain management inches closer to being a well-recognized and strategic part of any organization every time supply chain management professionals create value for their companies. I aspire to carve the path for other supply chain management professionals by championing supply chain success.

Strongly involved in the Manitoba Filipino community, Katrina sat on the board as Executive Assistant for the Manitoba Filipino Business Council (MFBC) for several years during her studies. She was responsible for liaising with local business owners to generate membership, managed financial documents and actively participated in public relations and special events for the Council, and eventually became a chairperson for the MFBC Awards Gala. While her term on the Board ended in 2015, Katrina is still a member of the association and a chairperson for the MFBC Awards Gala.

That same year, Katrina Daaca was nominated for and won a seat on the local board as Director
for SCMA Manitoba, where she promotes the supply chain profession and works on a strategic plan to encourage long-term member retention and recruitment. Finally, Katrina is enrolled in the SCMP designation program and expects to graduate in June 2017 before pursuing what looks like a promising career in the field.

I hope the future of supply chain management sees organizations making room for supply chain management not only at an operational level but also in executive and c-suite positions; a future where supply chain management professionals lead strategic initiatives in every organization. At an educational level, I’m hopeful employers in all industries will acknowledge and support higher education for supply chain management. It’s an exciting time to be part of a quickly growing profession and I’m confident the opportunities for supply chain management professionals will only continue to grow from here. 

Her award will be presented during the SCMA National Conference, at the Awards Gala Luncheon to be held on Thursday, June 15, 2017 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.