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Canada's post-secondary community plays a crucial role in attracting future professionals to the field of supply chain management (SCM). SCMA is contributing to this effort through formal and informal programs with schools, on-campus clubs, and individual students.

SCMA's support of the post-secondary community includes opportunities for SCM students to:

  • Become a Student Affiliate of SCMA
  • Represent SCMA on their campuses
  • Apply for scholarships to assist with the cost of an SCM education
  • Put theory into practice by competing with their peers from across the country on a simulated, real-world SCM challenge
  • Provide eligibility for advanced standing to SCMA educational programs.

Students who make SCMA part of their studies are poised for bright futures as professionals in supply chain management.

For the purpose of student affiliations, a student is defined as someone who is enrolled in a full-time course of study at a post-secondary institution.

For specific services and programs offered in your local area please consult your local institute.