SCMA National Board of Directors 2017-2018

SCMA National Board of Directors 2017-2018

Left to right: LouAnn Birkett, Andrea Englert-Rygus, Lis Anderson, Stephen Cherlet, Heather Stewart, John Liu, Mike Owens, Jim Peeples,Christian Buhagiar

Mike Owens
Board Chair

John Liu
Board Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Chair, Finance & Audit Committee

Lis Anderson, SCMP

LouAnn Birkett, CSCMP*
Chair, Governance Committee

Stephen Cherlet

Andrea Englert-Rygus
Finance & Audit Committee member

Jim Peeples
Governance Committee member

Heather Stewart
Education Committee member

Christian Buhagiar
President & CEO

* SCMA's professional designation is CSCMP (Certified SCMP) in Ontario and SCMP in the rest of Canada and internationally.