2017 In-Residence Week for SCMP Designation Candidates

Approximately 200 SCMP designation candidates from across Canada attended the 2017 In-Residence Week (IRW), which was held on Monday, May 1 to Friday, May 5, 2017 at MacEwan University of Edmonton Alberta. IRW is an intensive week that allows SCMP candidates to synthesize, apply, and test their knowledge and skills gained throughout the accreditation program, and help prepare them for the final exam.

The final exam is the last step in attaining the SCMP designation. Candidates are provided the convenience of taking the exam online, remotely wherever they prefer. Whether it is on a home pc, or laptop, or at their place of employment. Before taking the final exam, candidates must complete the required courses in the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) Designation Program and attend In-Residence Week.

It is each person’s responsibility to ensure they have completed or will complete all the necessary requirements, by the end of April, to participate in In-Residence Week 2018 before registering for the event. This includes all 8 modules and 6 workshops. Candidates who register for IRW and are not eligible will be refunded their registration fee, less a $250 + GST administration fee. Please contact your local institute to confirm you are eligible to participate in IRW before completing registration.

There is no translated material for IRW, as la Semaine Intensive takes place in Quebec and held in French.