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In-Residence Week is a graded component of the SCMP Designation Program™, representing 10% of the final program mark.

Candidates will be graded on a team Case Competition.

All candidates in a team receive the same mark, so candidates are expected to contribute and demonstrate leadership by encouraging the contribution of all members. If a team feels that one candidate deserves a higher or lower grade than the others, the remaining team members must submit their proposal in writing to the Director of Education and Accreditation prior to their case competition presentation.

Attendance and participation at all sessions throughout In-Residence Week are mandatory. Candidates will receive an individual deduction of 1%, per missed session, from their overall grade. Candidates who miss more than four sessions will receive a failing grade.

To pass In-Residence Week, candidates must achieve a grade of 50% or higher.

Grades will be made available to you by your provincial or territorial Institute in the weeks following In-Residence Week.