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The Supply Chain Management Association™ hosted the Seventh Annual Student Case Competition Saturday, February 24, 2018. The purpose of the competition was to provide a unique learning opportunity for undergraduate students while raising awareness of the areas of supply chain management as both a field of study and as a potential career path.

Students focused on resolving real world strategic and tactical challenges through the examination of a new product development initiative centered around topics such as logistics, network design, procurement, relationship management, and sustainability.

The competition brought together students from across the country where teams of four undergraduate students competed in a business case with presentations to judges’ panels consisting of business professionals, academics and corporate sponsors.

This event matched some of the best and brightest supply chain students from around the country where they competed against each other and showcased their talents to some of the industry's top firms.

While not everyone was able to claim the title of winner, the presentation skills, networking and ability to add this event to their resume, will contribute to greater success as they embark on their careers in the years to come.