Call For Nominations: 2017 Volunteer Award

SCMAO is pleased to once again open nominations for the SCMAO Professional Supply Chain Management Volunteer Award!

SCMAO’s dedicated volunteers have always been a vital part of our success.  Our volunteer base continues to grow year over year, with members contributing their time, skills, enthusiasm and passion to the organization and the profession.

The Volunteer Award recognizes one member whose contributions stand above the rest, who went above and beyond the normal call of duty and whose exceptional service is a model of volunteerism.

Volunteer Award Application:

1. Complete the Volunteer Award Nomination Form

2. Attach an exhibits and supporting information that are required to back the nomination (include actual news articles if applicable).

3. Submit to: Beth Rosell, Executive Assistant & HR Administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nominations remain open until September 18th, 2017.

Volunteer Award Eligibility:

The Awards Committee may consider any individual who is a current member (for at least 3 years) of the Association who has demonstrated volunteer experience within SCMAO.

The SCMAO Awards Committee will evaluate, review and recommend the recipient of the Volunteer Award to the SCMAO Board of Directors.

The award will be presented at the 2017 SCMAO Conference Gala Dinner on October 20, 2017.


Rising Star Award

To be awarded to an SCMAO member who, early in their career, already demonstrates characteristics of strong leadership, passion, innovation and creativity, and a dedication to the supply chain profession.  Not only will the nominee exhibit their personal commitment to their chosen career path, they will also be inclined to influence and inspire others, either within their peer groups, or outwardly by expanding the awareness and understanding of supply chain functions and contributions, to our corporations, our communities and our economy.

The recipient of the SCMAO’s Rising Star Award will then be nominated for the SCMA Ascendant Award.  Each of the Institutes’ Rising Star Award recipients will be presented with a Top 10 Certificate.

From the Top 10 Rising Stars, the SCMA National Awards Committee will select the best of the brightest who will be awarded the Ascendant Award and invited to the SCMA National Annual Conference, and will be presented their award at the Awards Gala Luncheon, along with the other Awards of Distinction recipients.

Nominations will remain open until September 18, 2017.

Attributes of an ideal recipient (individual):

LEADERSHIP – The nominee is already demonstrating strong leadership characteristics, through their contribution to their employer, and/or to their colleagues and peers, through their mentorship and advocacy abilities.

INVOLVEMENT – The nominee contributes actively and regularly to their employer, beyond the level typically expected at their stage of employment and career development, and to SCMAO through volunteer activities and participation in Institute events, and/or with their peers and colleagues by demonstrating strong leader characteristics. 

CONTINUOUS LEARNING – The nominee has recently completed or is nearing completion of the CSCMP Designation or the SMT, or is focused on related continuous professional development, through SCMAO or other recognized training providers, maintaining a high standard of personal effort, and providing encouragement to classmates and/or work colleagues.

CAREER ACHIEVEMENT – The nominee is establishing their career on a solid foundation, contributing to their employer organization in one or more of the following manners:

  • Identifying and contributing to the solution of a workplace challenge.  Such contribution should be capable of being quantified through achieved savings, incremental profits, or similar measurable benchmarks.
  • Contributing to the introduction of new processes, technology or information systems to improve supply chain functions within their organization. Such contribution should be possible to document though submitted reports, documentation trail, or affirmation of the contribution by the Nominee’s superiors.
  • Proposing and gaining approval of revised processes or similar improvements that contributes to the enhanced strategic approach of supply chain functions within the organization. Such contribution should be possible to document though submitted reports, documentation trail, or affirmation of the contribution by the nominee’s superiors.
  • Demonstrating an ability to “manage upwards”, with the knowledge and skill to use the ability sparingly, and/or the ability to “manage from the middle”, applying influence and guidance on peers, co-workers, suppliers and possibly colleagues within other departments or business units beyond their “official” capacity. Such abilities or contribution will be attested to by colleagues and/or superiors.

Who is Eligible? A supply chain professional, within their first five years of SCMAO membership who is a resident of Canada and a member in good standing of the SCMAO Institute.

Who Can Nominate? Any peer may nominate a potential candidate by submitting their nomination through the Home Institute of the nominee.

Please fill out the nomination form and submit to Beth Rosell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..