Sustainable Supply Chain Practices for Competitive Advantage: New Strategies for a New Game

Larry BerglundLarry Berglund, SCMP, MBA

October 20-21, 2015
Mississauga Convention Centre

75 Derry Rd West, Mississauga, ON

Time: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Location: TBD

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability practices have come a long way but it’s acknowledged that there is considerable room for improvement. Public sector entities are concerned with how to take more responsible initiatives in their supply chain strategies. Private sector organizations want to do their part and ensure profitability. Stakeholders are expecting social and economic development through business practices. Circular Economy strategies are reshaping the consumption and conservation links across supply chains. Social procurement is a part of the new lexicon for supply chain professionals. This two day workshop focusing on corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices will examine social procurement and the role of the supply chain professional in this complex and somewhat controversial emerging area. It will explore the role of supply chain management in environmental, social and governance policies. It will also examine the role of business and the challenges and opportunities between economic factors, environmental concerns and social values. Several methods and examples for affecting change with measurable and quantifiable outcomes will be provided.
Coverage includes:

•    Getting started with CSR and continuous improvement.
•    Focusing on the 4 main supply chain and sustainability responsibilities.
•    Applying the total cost of ownership model.
•    Quantifying economic and social development options.
•    The emergence of social procurement strategies.
•    Defining and measuring value using different metrics.
•    Trends and pending issues (emissions management, resource conservation, socioeconomic benefits, green products/services).

The interactive format is comprised of lectures, case studies, discussion and exercises designed to increase awareness of varying perspectives and develop your thinking and preparedness to take action within your respective mandates.

While there is no one perfect answer, CSR can provide a competitive advantage for your organization and as a supply chain professional, you are in one of the best positions to affect change. This program aims to inform and inspire you to raise your game.

This workshop is eligible for 10 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Maintenance credits.

About Larry Berglund

Larry’s supply chain experience includes leadership positions in the forest industry, public health care, municipal government, university operations, academia and consulting services.  He facilitates workshops on buying, inventory management, ethics, leadership, contract management, social procurement, operations management, supplier evaluations, operational reviews, competitive bidding, performance metrics, and corporate social responsibility courses and webinars.  He is the author of Food, Finance and Philosophy: A Role for Supply Management in Corporate Social Responsibility. Larry is currently completing his new book, Good Planets are Hard to Buy. Larry was directly involved with drafting and implementing the first ethical and sustainable procurement policy for a municipality in Canada.