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Need approval to attend the SCMAO Conference? Here’s all you need to know.

We have prepared some benefits of attendance that you can include in your report, and helpful tips that will ensure you highlight the importance of your conference attendance for your organization.

 Knowledge is power.

With the growing complexity of today’s supply chain sector, it is now more important than ever to move from a cost orientation towards more strategic and value added perspectives. Companies benefit most when their supply chain is managed by a professional well-versed in current best-practices. The biggest competitive advantage that a company can have in uncertain economic times is an effective and efficient supply chain. Attendance will help you to support your company’s business objectives through an enhanced supply chain.

  • All company assets require maintenance and enhancements; you are no different. Just as there are resources committed to maintaining and enhancing other assets, human capital requires investment and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.
  • Not only will you learn at the conference, but you can share what you've learned with your colleagues when you return. This will multiply the ROI on your company's investment in your conference attendance many times over.
  • Consult with your team to determine which sessions they see as critical to attend to ensure you are able to address your department’s most important challenges.
  • Developing in-house assets through professional development will enable less outsourcing and greater efficiency.
  • If attending with colleagues, highlight how you will coordinate with them to maximize your time at sessions and avoid overlap.
  • Look at your company's business goals and connect them directly to a topic being covered at the conference. For example, if your company has a goal of becoming a sustainability leader, highlight sessions or experts at the conference in the area of sustainability.

Why the SCMAO Annual Conference?

As Ontario’s premier event for supply chain management professionals, Supply Chain Management Association Ontario brings together hundreds of top procurement and supply chain decision-makers to discover the latest developments and best practices in the profession. As a supply chain professional you are known to deliver cost savings. Highlight your value creation and strategic abilities for employers by reporting back on this year’s conference. Whether your organization is utilizing the Internet of Things, or strategic partnerships, this year’s conference will be a great catalyst for those discussions.

This year’s SCMAO Annual Conference will bring you quality education, networking and professional development to support your strategic mindset and value creation efforts.

  • Learning is facilitated via general sessions, panel discussions, organized networking and top-level keynote speakers.
  • With 12 speakers presenting in a variety of sessions, new knowledge and insights will be delivered from all areas of the supply chain sector.
  • The conference will provide insights and practical solutions to challenges faced by supply chain professionals which you can apply immediately.
  • There are several opportunities for you to connect (or re-connect!) with other supply chain professionals to discuss your daily challenges and learn from each other.

Why attend a Canadian conference over one in the U.S.?

Many of the challenges faced by Canadian companies are unique to the U.S.

  • Due to the differences between the world’s largest economy, and our much smaller but geographically vast one, Canadian companies often face different supply chain challenges than our much larger neighbour to the south, so issues discussed at a U.S. event may not be relevant to a Canadian-based company.
  • The differences in economic conditions, buying power, government, cultural nuance, etc., may result in solutions created south of the border that may not be viable in Canada.
  • Canadian presenters will be familiar with our laws and be able to guide attendees more accurately on how to avoid legal pitfalls.
  • Building a professional and expert network of mostly domestic contacts creates a specialized network of likeminded peers who are intimately familiar with the unique challenges faced by Canadian organizations.

Build your professional network and add value for your organization.

Hundreds of supply chain management professionals from across Ontario will attend the SCMAO Annual Conference, as well as leading vendors and expert speakers. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to tap into this network and gain valuable contacts.

  • We aim to feature exhibit booths with products or services you use or are looking to evaluate for future use. This is an excellent opportunity to compare competing products or services by communicating face-to-face with the contacts that know the product and services best.
  • Make a database of the experts you meet at the conference and share this network of experts with your team.

Maintain your CSCMP designation

Attendance at the SCMAO Annual Conference qualifies for CPD credits towards your CSCMP designation. Keep yourself up-to-date with the premier supply chain designation in Canada.

  • If your employer invested in your CSCMP designation, remind them of the important commitment you’ve both made to ensuring that you remain amongst the leaders in your field. The requirement for continuous professional development ensure all CSCMP holders remain leaders in supply chain management.

Remember in your business case to:

  • Clearly outline any challenges you are facing in your role, and/or important strategies or issues being addressed by your organization.
  • State how you propose to address those issues you have identified.
  • Specify how your attendance at the conference will support the solutions you have proposed.
  • Discuss the anticipated outcomes of inaction and the expected benefits of your proactive solutions.