Pursuant to the provisions of provincial legislation and SCMAO bylaws, individual membership in SCMAO is categorized as follows:


Participation in the Institute as a Member shall be so categorised provided they:

  1. Are no less than 18 years of age;
  2. Live in Ontario;
  3. Are of good character, which will be assumed absent any evidence to the contrary;
  4. Support or have an interest in the supply chain management field of practice, related areas or study and research, which will be signified by their interest in joining;
  5. Agree to comply with SCMAO’s by-laws, the SCMAO Act, the Code of Ethics and any other rules and regulations governing Membership;
  6. Pay the dues required.

For more information about the requirements for membership, please refer to the Member Acceptance Policy.

(NOTE: Previously, members were divided into two classes - Members, refering to those individuals who achieved professional accreditation/certification in SCM (the Certified SCMP designation) after successfully completing all of the academic, experiential and other applicable requirements or criteria established by SCMAO, and Associates, who did not hold CSCMP designations and did not have the right to vote in the Annual General Meeting. The SCMAO bylaws were updated in 2015 to remove the Associate class, giving all members in the Association voting rights, regardless of accreditation.)

An SCMAO Member shall:

  1. Comply with the Institute’s by-laws, Codes of Ethics and conduct and any other rules and regulations governing the individual’s participation in the Association, including any maintenance of professional certification requirements in effect.
  2. Be entitled to attend any meeting ofann the Association, to request to include additional agenda items, to participate in discussion, and to cast a vote thereat, by any permissible means as specified in Article XI.8.B.
  3. Be considered for appointment to committees, or be nominated for a position on the board.

All SCMAO Members are regular members of SCMA National, with voting rights at the SCMA annual general meeting and are required to comply with SCMAO by-laws, SCMA by-laws and the SCMA Code of Ethics. Where found guilty of a disciplinary infraction, an SCMA Member may be censured, suspended or expelled.

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Student Affiliates

As part of Canada's largest supply chain management association SCMA, SCMAO uses its considerable leverage to ensure students at the post-secondary level are given professional opportunities in supply chain management (SCM). SCMAO views post-secondary students of today as the leaders of tomorrow. This is why we’ve created a new category of affiliation to facilitate and encourage their involvement in the supply chain community. The Student Affiliates Program provides a low-cost way for full time post-secondary students to receive many of the benefits normally associated with SCMAO membership.

Students who qualify for this program will receive a discounted rate of $29.00 + HST (per year), as long as they remain enrolled full-time in a post-secondary program. When a student is no longer enrolled at the post-secondary institution, regular membership fees will apply.

As a student affiliate of SCMAO, prospective students have the opportunity to connect with the supply chain management community before they graduate, giving them an early and competitive advantage in building professional networks for their career.

More information on the key benefits of becoming a Student Affiliate can be found at the SCMA National page.


If you would like to fill out a manual application form, please click here (PDF, 438 kb). Applicants will also be required to provide proof of current full-time student status with their application by emailing supporting documentation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For any questions, please contact our membership department at 416-977-7566 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Academic Affiliates

SCMAO’s Academic Affiliates program brings together educators who have interests in supply chain management. Existing academic members now have the option of becoming Academic Affiliates at half the cost of the regular membership. Academic Affiliation in SCMAO is available to professors teaching for a Canadian university or college (private or public) full-time in a supply chain-related program.

Those who qualify to be Academic Affiliates will receive a discounted rate of 50% off regular membership dues. When an Affiliate is not teaching full-time, regular membership fees will apply.

Although Academic affiliates are not technically members, they still have access to nearly all the benefits of membership except voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and are not eligible to receive member rates on SCMA educational offerings. To retain voting rights and education discounts, you will have to remain a regular member.

This affiliation is a cost-effective way of keeping up-to-date with developments and the literature in the industry, as well as connecting with other professionals and academics in the supply chain community. The academic affiliate program demonstrates an academic’s commitment to professional development and is an ideal way of getting an early and competitive advantage in building professional networks for their career.

More information on the key benefits of becoming an Academic Affiliate can be found at the SCMA National Page.


For any questions, please contact our membership department at 416-977-7566 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Retired Members

Members who retire from their supply chain management role, but still wish to keep their membership and/or designation current can qualify for a reduced rate of $60 + HST annually.

Membership Dues/Fees and Application

Membership with SCMAO includes national SCMA membership. Annual membership dues/fees are established and revised from time to time by SCMAO. Eligible individuals applying for membership should complete and submit to the SCMAO office, the Membership Application Form, along with any required supporting documentation and payment of the annual membership dues that are non-refundable and non-transferable. Once processed, confirmation of membership and a membership card bearing a unique identity number will be forwarded by mail to the preferred mailing address provided in the application form. SCMAO reserves the right to reject an application or to suspend/revoke membership for non-payment of dues/fees or for any other reason deemed to be in SCMAO’s best interests.

Membership Renewal, Reinstatement, Transfer

To avoid any service interruption or suspension of membership or charges for late payment, membership should be renewed annually upon receipt of the membership renewal notice that is sent out in advance of the membership renewal due-date. Failure to pay dues and/or other charges owed may result in membership suspension. If this occurs reinstatement of membership is possible, subject to the remittance in full within sixty (60) days following suspension, of all unpaid dues/fees owed including any applicable reinstatement fee.

CSCMP designation holders must maintain their membership in good-standing throughout their career by ensuring timely membership renewal. Failure to do so may result in suspension or revocation of the right to use the Certified SCMP designation – professional accreditation status will be deemed to be “lapsed”. An individual who allows her/his professional accreditation status to “lapse”, will be required to fulfill all applicable conditions of reinstatement including remittance of all outstanding dues and fees and completion of outstanding maintenance of certification requirements.

SCMAO Members/Associates who wish to transfer membership to another Provincial Institute of SCMA must complete and submit the membership transfer request form, authorizing the transfer of their records to the target Provincial Institute. Completion of the transfer implies termination of membership with SCMAO. For more information, please refer to the Transfer of Membership Policy and Procedure.