Diploma in Supply Management

A Diploma in Supply Management prepares today's purchasing practitioners to make the most of every opportunity for their employers, while putting their own careers on a fast track.

SCMA Saskatchewan awards the Diploma in Supply Management to those who have completed a prescribed body of knowledge through the Supply Management Training Program. This training prepares the individual to use their initiative and discretion, to operate with specific autonomy and to improvise within a preset standard. As team members, these individuals implement programs and projects with preset latitudes for specific decisions.

SMT Education Handbook (PDF, 636 KB)

SMT Advances Standing Application form (PDF, 301 KB)

Completion Requirements

1. Completion of all four Technical Courses (in class or self-study)

  • SMT-Procurement (13 weeks)
  • SMT-Logistics (13 weeks)
  • SMT-Transportation (13 weeks)
  • SMT-Operations Management (13 weeks)

2. Completion of all three Soft Skill Workshops

  • Communications & Relational Skills (2 days)
  • Negotiations Skills (4 days)
  • Competitive Bidding, Contract Preparation & Contract Management (2 days)

3. and Completion of all three Business Management Seminars

  • SMT-Accounting and Finance (2 days)
  • SMT-Marketing (2 days)
  • SMT-Business Planning (2 days)

Seminar Schedule & Registration

To register for a Supply Management Training Seminar, simply click the desired seminar below to be taken to the registration page.

*course indicated provide dual credit in the SMT and SCMP programs

SCMP/SMT 2016-2017 Education Schedule (PDF, 115 KB)

Course Schedule & Registration

Structured Self-Study

To register for a Supply Management Training Course by structured self study, simply click the desired technical course below to be taken to the registration page:

Classroom Format

Registration for the In-class offerings are available online through the continuing education departments of the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina.

UofR Continuing Education
SMT – Operations Management
September 13-December 6, 2016

SMT – Transportation
January10, 2017- April 4, 2017

Register Online

UofS Executive Education
SMT – Operations Management
September13-December 6, 2016

SMT – Transportation
January10, 2017 – April 11, 2017 (no class Feb break)

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University of Regina - Center for Continuing Education - SCMA SK

University of Saskatchewan - Executive Education
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Contact SCMA SK for more information on course and seminar availability or to register.