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Benefits of having an SCMA member as part of your organization. It's a great business decision.

  • SCMA (Supply Chain Management Association) is the leading association in Canada for supply chain management.
  • SCMA is the principal source of supply chain training, education and professional development in the country.
  • SCMA grants the SCMP Designation (Supply Chain Management Professional), the highest achievement in the supply chain career field.
  • An SCMA Alberta member can maximize productivity for your organization
  • An SCMA Alberta member can provide cost savings through efficient strategies
  • Your organization has the security of having knowledgeable and skilled supply chain professionals at all levels
  • An SCMA Alberta member can help provide your organization progressive business sustainability through ongoing supply chain development
  • All SCMA Alberta members must adhere to a strict professional Code of Ethics, providing your organization confidence.

Benefits of having a member with the SCMP Designation as part of your organization. It's a great business decision.

  • A member with an SCMP Designation provides exceptional strategic supply chain leadership achieved through an in-depth strategic combination of education, interactivity, experience ad commitment;
  • A member with an SCMP Designation possesses an integrating perspective with a wide scope of knowledge in all areas that affect your organization's supply chain;
  • A member with an SCMP Designation is a skilled decision-maker, providing your organization with the confidence of a professional who is prepared to face the multiple complex challenges in the supply chain field in an ever-changing economy;
  • A member with an SCMP Designation is recognized internationally for its highest level of competency. SCMP members must maintain continuous ongoing professional development to meet current and future needs.

Supply Chain HR Study - From the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council. The report provides projections on a wide variety of human resource metrics for the supply chain career sector. It showcases a sector that has a very involved employer base, engaged employees who want to succeed, and a very functional network of training service providers, including the SCMA. This is a very strong base with which to address human resource issues that affect the supply chain sector as a whole. Click here for the PDF Report.

Supply Chain HR Tools: An array of down-loadable Human Resources tools specific to the supply chain sector are available through the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council. It's free ... just follow the information on the link.

Salary Calculator: This calculator, based on comprehensive research by SCMA and b2b Magazine, will help you calculate the average salary for supply chain professionals based on different categories, including:

  • Geographical location
  • Type of organization
  • Job title
  • Years of experience
  • Educational level
  • SCMP Designation status
  • Age and sex