SCMA Alberta Launches Project to Determine Skills Needs in Evolving Supply Chain: Outcomes Will Help Employers Hire People with the Right Skills

Edmonton, November 27, 2018 – The Supply Chain Management Association of Alberta (SCMA-AB) is pleased to announce the launch of its “Skills and Talent in the Digital Supply Chain” project. Alberta Labour invested $153,000 in the project through the Labour Market Partnerships Program. The association is undertaking this project in partnership with SCMA National.

Through this one-year project, the partners will work with employers and subject-matter experts, including emerging-technology providers, to document and validate current and anticipated future skills required by industry to meet evolving technology-related demands of the supply chain sector. This information will ultimately help employers in their efforts to recruit and retain qualified people and to remain competitive in a changing environment.

Upon completion of the project, recruitment and retention support materials will be available for use by employers who are recruiting and by career counsellors working with unemployed/underemployed individuals, to better facilitate hiring the right people with the right skills.

Organized labour and underrepresented groups will be involved in the creation of those materials. The engagement of labour unions will support workforce adjustment after the project, as those organizations can help facilitate labour force transition; the involvement of underrepresented groups will help ensure that diversity and inclusion considerations inform project outcomes.

In addition, information gathered through the project will enable educational institutions and certification organizations to ensure that their programs reflect the new skills and competency requirements of employers across the supply chain.

Pending the outcome of the project, SCMA will review its certification programs to ensure their quality and content continues to meet the needs of supply chain employers.

“Our government is proud to invest in this exciting project that will give employers new supports to recruit and retain qualified employees and create opportunities for skilled workers in Alberta. I look forward to the outcomes of this work and the potential it has to further diversify our economy and create new jobs for hard-working Albertans.”
– Christina Gray
Minister of Labour
Government of Alberta

“It is great to see SCMA in partnership with the Alberta government taking the lead to further develop economic opportunities by helping our employers navigate the new requirements of a digitally interconnected supply chain.”

– Skylar Anderson, SCMP
Advisor, Global Contracts, TransCanada
Chair, Board of Directors, SCMA Alberta

“Digital supply chains will change the way we deliver goods to the market, and transform the way that we manage our freight, our people and our processes. Creating the skills that support our industry is a critical part of the future. At Cando Rail Services, our people are our business and we are proud to support this project.”

– Corrie Banks
Director of Logistics, Cando Rail Services
Advisory Committee Chair, “Skills & Talent in the Digital Supply Chain” Project

For more information, please contact:
Lynne Coles
VP Growth and CMO, SCMA
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