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Nobody understands business quite like you. You’re on the ground, strategizing and crafting valuable solutions that help organizations flourish. You are the key ingredient that improves corporate bottom lines, giving businesses the competitive advantage needed to stay on top.

If you’re not already, we’d like to encourage you to become a Supply Chain Management Professional advocate. Contact Us and share your story. Let us know why SCM is important to what you do. Being an advocate:

  • Brings inspiration to other SCMPs and those on the road to the SCMP designation;
  • Gives exposure to the contributions you’ve made in your own organization; and
  • Helps promote SCMA AB.

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Use this Toolkit

By now, you’re aware of the positive impact Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Management Professionals have on the bottom lines of businesses in Alberta.

To help you further the conversation with your C-suite, the Toolkit affirms this in our evolving world.

Think of it as a conversation starter—something to leave behind—to keep the importance of Supply Chain Management top of mind with those at the helm of your business.

Whether you’re looking for more training or see the need to hire a Supply Chain Management Professional, this will help.

Download your Toolkit here or by using the Download Toolkit button to receive this free asset that will provide you with the content you need.

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You have questions. We have answers. But if any of the answers we’ve provided on this site aren’t enough, let’s continue the conversation.

We’d like to encourage you to contact Frincy Clement our Marketing and Communications Coordinator to answer any more of your questions and to find out how to become an ambassador of the SCMA Alberta.

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