1. What do I need to do to maintain my designation?

To continue to hold the designation, a Certified SCMP must:

- Uphold the SCMA Code of Ethics;
- Earn 30 Maintenance Credits over successive 3-year maintenance periods; and
- Remain a SCMABC member in good standing through annual paid membership.
- Adhere to the Terms & Conditions by which all SCMPs are bound.

Audits take place in May

2. Where can I find information about my current Maintenance Period?

You may view the details of your current Maintenance Period at any time by logging in to the online Portal and clicking on Continuous Professional Development from the left menu.

3. Are SCMABC activities automatically entered?

Yes, any SCMABC activity that is eligible for maintenance is automatically recorded.

4. How often should I submit my Maintenance Activities online?

You may decide to submit your activity after each completed activity or after the conclusion of each year of your maintenance period. The choice is yours.

5. If I accumulate more than 30 credits in a given Maintenance Period, can I carry the credits over to the next period?

We are unable to carry over excess credits from one maintenance period to the next.

6. How are credits calculated?

Credits are allocated for activities according to the tables below.

7. What types of professional development activities are eligible for maintenance credits?

Professional development activities may include seminars, workshops, webinars and conferences offered by SCMA and SCMABC. You may also submit activities completed with other professional organizations, training completed through your employer, and courses completed through an educational institution. These activities may include conference attendance, computer upgrading or job specific formal training.

8. What if I cannot obtain 30 credits in my Maintenance Period? May I apply for an extension? What is the process for doing so?

If you are experiencing challenges completing the 30 credit requirement for your current Maintenance Period, please contact NTasha Phillips at the SCMABC office at 604-540-4494 ext 106 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An extension may be granted under extenuating circumstances for one year for those unable to complete the 30 credit requirement within their three year maintenance period. Extenuating circumstances may include financial hardship, professional conflicts, maternity/paternity leave, loss of employment, and sick or disability leave. An extension will change the start and end dates of the subsequent maintenance period.

9. How to report your credits online

  • Click on "Continuing Professional Development" on the menu bar on the left hand side
  • You will see no activities in this cycle because there has been no activities recorded yet
  • Category Type determines what category in the CPD activities does this fall under
  • Category code Continuous Professional Development Procedures PDF, (226 KB)
  • Credit Type determines if this activity was SCMA or NON- SCMA related
  • Competency determines what area in Supply Chain does this contribute to 
  • Under Comments you can add the title, topic or speaker of your activity
  • Under Description you can add times, location, content etc.
  • Click Save and move on to submit your next activity until you are finished.

Please contact us if you require assistance with accessing your portal.