DaleWilliams large

Employer: Department of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development - Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
City: St. John’s, NL

Why did you choose a career in the field of supply chain management?

I think the career chose me. I had an enthusiastic mentor who provided the opportunity to work in this exciting field of practice. I researched my options, became enrolled in the accreditation program, and then joined the Newfoundland & Labrador Institute of PMAC. I am currently a volunteer on the Provincial Board of Directors.

Describe your current work; what is your role there?

I am employed as a supplier development specialist with the Department of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development (Government of Newfoundland and Labrador), which is the lead agency for economic development in the province.

Interestingly enough, I do not purchase anything or manage a supply chain. My role is to help provincial firms capitalize on supply opportunities in both the public and private sectors. My prior experience with a central procurement agency, and current experience in economic development, is beneficial to firms who are trying to navigate and interpret the procurement process, and identify new markets for their goods and services.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

I would have to say obtaining the SCMP™ (formerly C.P.P.) certification. It is satisfying to set a goal, and then accomplish it, whether it is a professional or personal goal.

I should, however, apologize to my co-workers who witnessed the impromptu—and not so graceful—dance that followed the news of my certification.

How has PMAC (now SCMA) membership/SCMP™ accreditation been of value to you and your organization?

The SCMP™ accreditation has been valuable on both a personal and professional level. It benefits my organization, as it validates the guidance that I offer to our internal and external stakeholders. I am able to understand the challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises when trying to sell to new markets, and I can provide assistance in overcoming some of these challenges. I know about the logistics of supply chain management—I have been there.

The SCMP™ accreditation also offers portability for those who are interested in supply chain management positions in Canada and abroad. Keeping abreast of current trends is also easier as a member of PMAC, thanks to the continuous learning opportunities, industry magazines and articles, and forums that allow members to network with their peers across the country.

Tell us something interesting about yourself outside of SCM.

I love to showcase our province. When friends and family come to visit, my husband and I are usually the unofficial tour guides. It never gets old. Each time it is like seeing the beautiful landscape and experiencing the culture for the first time, through someone else’s eyes.