DeanaTrudeau large

Purchasing Manager
City of Coquitlam
Coquitlam, BC

What does your typical supply chain work day look like? Describe a typical day for you.

On any day I may be working on a variety of requests, such as: new fire trucks, road and park construction, pay parking equipment, professional design, veterinary, towing, waste management and recycling services. There is always an interesting variety, and the solution has to meet or exceed all of our needs. I administrate the competitive bid process—from bid document creation, to evaluation and award. I collaborate and consult with colleagues in various departments to identify the best strategy and acquisition method. We are responsible for spending tax-payer dollars wisely to obtain the services and supplies needed.

Why did you choose a career in the field of supply chain management?

I started as a buyer with Coquitlam School District and it became evident that this was an exciting and interesting career, with endless opportunities. The procurement function and supply chain management is valuable to every organization. Our role has a significant impact on the city’s reputation in the community in terms ofhow we conduct business with valued suppliers. I was inspired to learn more and achieve my professional designation. My employers viewed training as a worthy investment and provided support to improve my skills through accreditation courses.

What are the keys to getting the most out of your PMAC (now SCMA) membership?

Become involved and volunteer for our Institutes, the Association and in our communities. Knowledge related to work and humankind transfers and provides reward to all aspects of our lives. I have been a director at the BC Institute and on the National board in various roles over the last five years, as well as in organizations in my community. I see the impacts and am proud to contribute positive change toward shaping the future.

How has PMAC membership/SCMP™ accreditation been of value to you and your organization?

The City of Coquitlam relies on me to be the procurement subject matter expert—to lead the procurement process and conduct business in a professional, transparent and respectful manner. My SCMP designation gives them confidence I have the knowledge, skills and experience to positively represent the organization in acquiring goods and services and in working with stakeholders.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

The proudest moment in my career has been achieving my SCMP™ designation. The hard work and personal sacrifices are worth the effort because of the opportunities it provides. The SCMP™ gave me the credentials to be successful in winning my position here at the City of Coquitlam. I enjoy my career so much and appreciate the great team I get to work with.

I am proud to see successes that I have contributed to: new parks, pump stations, road improvements and safe bike lanes just to name a few. We are a growing, thriving city with a sustainable, diverse, well-planned vision for the future. I am excited to be part of that future!