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Employer: Shell Canada Limited
City: Calgary, Alberta

Why did you choose a career in the field of Supply Chain Management?

My early career was in academics—a university lecturer—and I made a quick switch to the field of supply chain management in 1993. I was attracted to the profession by the desire to create value out of spending resources wisely! Over time, the reputation of supply chain management has grown in leaps and bounds as modern corporate organizations have increasingly realized the critical role SCM plays in enhancing business competitiveness. This increased reputation has come with enhanced corporate status for practitioners, and this has resulted in great upward career opportunities, which satisfies one’s growth aspirations.

Describe your current work; what is your role there?

I am currently Onshore Gas Logistics Manager at Shell, Upstream North America. Though based in Canada, my role extends to other Shell Onshore Gas plays in the U.S. As the logistics manager, my core responsibility is to ensure that inbound logistics is managed in the safest and most cost-effective manner. This involves ascertaining the integrity of the logistics contractors deployed in our operations, assuring the robustness of the fulfilment segment of inbound supply chain in support of oil and gas operations, and finally, providing strategic logistics support for future mega/medium size projects.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

I started my supply chain management career in Nigeria, where I spent significant time in Shell Oman before moving to Canada. I have had some truly bright moments during this sojourn, but what stands out for me is the time I spent in Oman helping to create a strong logistics organization that has grown to become one of our Centers of Excellence. One of the key initiatives the team delivered was a comprehensively successful outsourcing of land logistics activities using the 4PL™ model. I played key roles that spanned the project, including the farming, contracting and implementation phases, and I ended up as the change manager.

How has PMAC (now SCMA) membership/SCMP™ accreditation been of value to you and your organization?

Over the course of my career, I have always placed great emphasis on professional affiliation. I have benefited immensely from the educational content of accreditation, as well as the great opportunity to be current with industry trends through sustained membership. This has been particularly true with PMAC. Being a rounded professional has directly benefited my organization as I transfer the skills I’ve acquired into value-adding initiatives. I provide commercial, operational and strategic leadership while transferring my knowledge to others through coaching, mentoring and most importantly, developing new talent for the organization.

Tell us something interesting about yourself outside of SCM.

I have always been an avid basketball fan. However, given my relocation to Calgary, I have been working hard to elevate my appreciation for the beautiful game of ice hockey to the same level as basketball!

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