Erika Borgersen

Project Contracting Manager
Service Alberta, Government of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

Why did you choose a career in the field of supply chain management?

I started in grant administration for the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development during the droughts and BSE crisis. I eventually started working with contracts and RFPs, and found the tendering process to be really interesting. 

What does your typical supply chain work day look like? Describe a typical day for you.

I am currently on a secondment opportunity with the Contracting Centre of Excellence, delivering procurement training to the unit that manages enterprise-wide procurement templates and training for the Government of Alberta (GOA). When I am not delivering courses, my days involve working on draft templates with legal services and fielding procurement questions from GOA staff from various ministries.

What first inspired you to seek the SCMP™ designation?

I asked around – I was looking for information on the required education to get into supply chain. The Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation program was the one that everyone came back with!

How has SCMA membership/SCMP designation been of value to you and your organization?

Being engaged with other colleagues in supply chain management, getting to know the different areas in the field, and learning the terminology have been some of the benefits of going through the SCMP Designation Program™, and of being an SCMA™ member.

What advice would you give to someone just starting their career in supply chain?

Supply chain is a huge field with all sorts of different opportunities. Trying different things is the best way to see what you like. The acquisition of goods and services touches all lines of business, so your skills really are transferable.

What impact do you think the SCMP™ will have on your career?

I think the SCMP™ designation will have a very positive impact on my career. The commitment to learning and continuous improvement that the program promotes will ensure that I am engaged and knowledgeable about future trends in the field, and will also keep me in touch with colleagues.