LoriDoiron large

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, New Brunswick Division
Penobsquis, NB

Describe your current work; what is your role there?

I am responsible for the acquisition of all direct-charge goods and services for the plant. I work with all departments within the operation to ensure that there is an uninterrupted flow of production.

What does your typical supply chain work day look like? Describe a typical day for you.

This is one of the reasons that I love my job—there is no such thing as a typical day. I learned early on that trying to plan my day could only add frustration. I can be working on a large project one minute, and the next I am helping end-users source goods or services in order to keep everything running smoothly.

What are the keys to getting the most out of your PMAC (now SCMA) membership?

There has been a lot of discussion on what value the PMAC membership offers. I strongly believe that the membership, like anything in life, is all about getting out what you put in. I did sit on the board for the New Brunswick Institute for a few years and in those two years I had many opportunities to meet, network, be on various committees and get to know people, as well as continue my learning through others. Institutes are always looking for volunteers; I think this is the best way to get the most out of your membership.

How has PMAC membership/SCMP™ accreditation been of value to you and your organization?

Without my designation I would not have the career with Potash that I have. The designation was required as PCS recognizes the value it has to the organization. As well, with the membership and networking opportunities that it provides, I have met many knowledgeable individuals who have helped grow and advance my career.

What role does networking play in your professional career?

Networking in any career is so important. Through networking you build new relationships, discuss upcoming trends, and learn new or more efficient ways to do things. Whether I am meeting with peers, co-workers or suppliers, I feel that I always take something away from the conversation that allows me to be more successful in my career.