SCMA™ was founded on volunteerism and SCMA’s National Volunteer Awards recognize and reward this strong tradition. Our association could not exist without the countless volunteers who dedicate their time to the association as members of boards or committees, or in any number of roles vital to the smooth operation of our national organization.

Criteria and requirements

Based on a simple points system, the program recognizes an individual’s participation in the association and their contribution of time and effort as a volunteer. All members who meet the specific criteria are eligible to participate in the program. Points are earned for each year of SCMA membership and for volunteer participation at all levels of the association.

Points System

  1. Specific point levels have been established to take into account an individual’s years of service in a variety of typical volunteer functions.
  2. Points are based on the point scores established per service category (outlined in the chart below).
  3. For each year of participation or active service, points accrue cumulatively to the individual, regardless of his/her Institute affiliation. For example, a Director on the National Board or an Institute Board who also serves on a Board or Institute Committee may accrue points for both positions. However, points may not be duplicated for the same activity—a committee chair would not accrue a second set of points for being a committee member.
  4. No points are awarded for any activity for which remuneration is being or has been received. Prizes and gifts are not considered remuneration.
  5. Under the Special Function category, points may be awarded for advancing the cause of purchasing and supply management, whether or not affiliated to SCMA. To qualify for points under this category, specific criteria must be met.
  6. Points for volunteer activities may be recorded retroactively for a three-year period. At the Institute’s discretion, historical contributions further back than three years may be considered.

Point Scores for Volunteer Activities

Activity Points
Member 1
Board President/Chair 30
Board Vice-President/Vice-Chair 25
Immediate Past President/Chair 15
Secretary/Treasurer 20
Federation Council President 30
Federation Council Vice President 25
Committee Chair 20
Committee Member 5
Director 10
Task Force Chair 15
Task Force Member 5
Advisory Role 10
Friends of the National Board 10
Special Function 5

Special Function Category Criteria

  1. Guest speaker at an event or meeting, formal presentations: five (5) points will be awarded, including the Institute and National Conferences. Thank-you comments, introductions and grace are not eligible. Activities claimed under this category should have been developed/presented (performed) outside of the award applicant’s normal job functions/responsibilities.
  2. Special function or project at the committee level, organized by, or participated in (as committee member): The function or project must be a minimum of 8-hours/1 day. For example, if a volunteer developed a presentation and became a guest speaker at an event held at the district/region level. The time involved in the actual preparation work and in the presentation of the material would be determined to be an eight-hour/1 day activity. Activities that are considered part of the award applicant’s normal job functions/responsibilities are not eligible. Neither is simple attendance at the function/event considered eligible for points.
  3. Class visits by Association volunteers to local colleges/universities or attendance at a career fair qualify under the special function category. These activities are important as they help raise awareness of SCMA’s education programs and of the profession of supply chain management.

Recognition / Award Levels

Certificate of Service: 75 points

The Certificate of Service represents a tangible form of recognition of association participation and volunteer efforts contributed by an individual over a period of time.

Award of Merit: 150 points

An extension of the Certificate of Service, this award primarily recognizes extended service at the Institute or National level. The recipient must already hold the Certificate of Service.

Award of Excellence: 225 points

The next step beyond the Award of Merit, the Excellence Award primarily recognizes extended service beyond the Institute level. The recipient must already hold the Certificate of Service and the Award of Merit.

25 Year Member Award

This award recognizes long-standing participation (membership) in the Association i.e.: 25+ years SCMA membership holder.

Honourary Life Member Certificate

This award may be granted by an Institute to those Members/Associates who:

  • have made an outstanding contribution to SCMA™;
  • are retired from active participation in business;
  • are recipients of the Award of Merit; and
  • have achieved twenty (20) years' service to the Association.

Reporting and Application

Submission of Points

Using the Activity Report & Award Application Form (PDF, 87.31 KB), Members should forward up-to-date records of points to their Provincial or Territorial Institute annually, by the submission deadline of January 1st. Only points earned for volunteer activities beyond membership alone should be reported.

Application for Awards

Applications for awards should be sent for processing to your Provincial or Territorial Institute. Use the Activity Report & Award Application Form (PDF, 87.31 KB) and check off the appropriate award box.


Please contact your local SCMA™ Institute if you have any questions regarding the National Volunteer Awards.