A non-profit association, SCMA™ is a Federation of the National Secretariat, and the Provincial and Territorial Institutes, working together to achieve a common vision.

Within the SCMA Federation, each organization is an independent, stand-alone not-for-profit association with its own mandates to serve the unique needs of its stakeholders. However, the individual parties have recognized that there are many areas where a coordinated and collaborative approach is in the best interest of the combined membership, as well as the profession of supply chain management. As a result, the parties have formalized the relationship diagrammed below through a Federation Agreement, signed in June of 2015.

federation summary FINAL

The Federation structure is designed to define how the parties work together, including but not limited to the Code of Ethics, education and training, accreditation, consistent standards, research, strategic planning and advocacy for our members, stakeholders and for the supply chain management profession. In this way, we can take advantage of joint capacity, resources and expertise to provide demonstrable value and relevance for our members, and create a united voice in promoting supply chain management as a strategic contributor to organizational competitiveness and success.

Education and accreditation programs are developed by the SCMA National Office and delivered through the Institutes. Additionally, the National partner is responsible for national branding plans, federal government relations and international strategic alliances. Institute partners are responsible for communicating with their membership, recruiting new members and conferring the SCMP™ designation.

SCMA’s strategic objectives are determined by a Board of Directors, with representatives both appointed by the Institutes and elected from the association membership. Headquartered in Toronto, the SCMA National Office is managed by a full-time professional staff.

SCMA Signing Ceremony Halifax June 2015

SCMA™ Signing Ceremony Halifax June 2015 - SCMA Partners

The signing partners: (back row) Barrie Lynch - SCMA BC™, Ron Wiebe  -SCMA BC, Rick Reid - SCMA MB™, Cheryl Paradowski SCMA™ - National, Ryan McPherson - SCMA NB™, Ken Waselyski - SCMA AB™, John Vandenberg - SCMA NT™, Shawn Way - SCMA NS™, Nicole Burgess - SCMA SK, Richard Lough - SCMAO, Kelly Duffin - SCMAO, Robert Varga - SCMA SK (front row) Jerome Ferber - SCMA National, John Masselos - SCMAQ™, Bonita Nowell - SCMA NT, Shauna Clark - SCMA NL™, Darren Caines - SCMA AB, Joe McKenna - SCMA NS

SCMA Signing Ceremony, Halifax, June 2015 - Cheryl Paradowski

SCMA National President & CEO Cheryl Farrow (Paradowski) signing the Federation Agreement