Why does SCMA™ have a Code of Ethics?

As professionals in supply chain management, members are obliged to comply with the Code of Ethics, prescribed by SCMA™ and adopted by the Institutes/Corporation, to uphold the integrity of the profession, the Institutes/Corporation and SCMA as a whole.

The Code lays out the expectations that members must follow in the performance of their duties on the job in order to remain members in good standing. It sets out the values and norms of ethical behaviour, the rules of conduct for SCMA members, and enforcement procedures established to address breaches.

As a member, what does it mean for me?

As a condition of membership in SCMA you are required to adhere to the organization’s Code of Ethics, so it is important that you review the changes to the document to ensure you are in compliance.

Members should be guided not only by the terms of the Code but by the implicit expectations of conduct becoming a professional.

There is a conflict between the SCMA™ Code of Ethics and my employer’s policies. What do I do?

Should there be a potential conflict for a member between applicable codes of conduct/policies, it is suggested that the appropriate authority of the employing organization be contacted for advice. If a member is not able to resolve an ethical issue in accordance with the Code, the member should seek legal advice as to any legal rights and obligations the member may have.

How often will the Code of Ethics be updated?

As business issues change, SCMA will amend its Code of Ethics where it is deemed appropriate to reflect the highest standards of professional conduct. SCMA has committed to ensuring that its Code of Ethics is reviewed at a minimum of every five years.

Can I post the SCMA™ Code of Ethics in my workplace?

Yes! SCMA has made a PDF version of the updated Code of Conduct available on the SCMA National Website for members to download, print and display in their workplace.

Where can I get further information on the SCMA™ Code of Ethics?

Visit the SCMA National Website to view the updated Code of Ethics or contact your Institute with further questions.