All members of the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA)™ agree to the association’s Terms and Conditions.


All members of the Supply Chain Management Association™ must read and comply with the Code of Ethics. As a professional body, SCMA™ has a duty to provide guidance to its affiliated Institute Partners and their members on the standards of behaviour and ethical conduct with respect to membership in SCMA. As professionals in supply chain management, members are obliged to comply with the Code of Ethics (the Code) prescribed by SCMA and adopted by the Institute Partners to uphold the integrity of the profession, the Institute Partners and SCMA as a whole.

All Members undertake to abide by the By-laws of the association and the Code of Ethics. Each Member shall, at the time of joining, sign a declaration of support and compliance with the Code of Ethics.


As members of SCMA™, you have given your implied consent to receive electronic communications from SCMA that can include Commercial Electronic Messages (CEM), as required under Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

Members can manage their communications preferences at any time and decide which messages they receive.

Messages sent to enforce a legal right are exceptions to the legislation. All members will receive mandatory communications such as membership renewal notices and notices of Annual General Meeting.

By accepting membership into SCMA you consent to receive commercial electronic messages from us.

Privacy Policy

Policy Statement - SCMA will strive to ensure that the personal information it manages in the conduct of its business is protected. The full policy is on the website: Privacy Policy.

Use of the Designation

As a member, you may pursue the SCMP™, Canada’s most sought-after and widely-held designation in supply chain management. The highest achievement in the field, it is the mark of strategic leadership.

  • The granting of, and right to use, the designation is conditional upon the recipient agreeing that the SCMA™ has the right to protect the designation. Notify the employer of an unauthorized person that he or she is not authorized to use the designation;
  • Pursue legal action such as an injunction.


I understand and agree that: membership is conditional subject to my compliance with the SCMA™ Code of Ethics, the bylaws of SCMA and may require approval by SCMA. All information submitted by me is accurate and complete and I acknowledge that submitting false information constitutes a breach of the SCMA Code of Ethics and may result in the termination of my SCMA membership.