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The SCMP™ accreditation is Canada’s principal and most sought after professional designation for those entering the profession and advancing as leaders in supply chain.

  • This rigorous, accredited program certifies that the SCMP has attained the highest level of professional competency.
  • Adherence to a Code of Ethics ensures that the SCMP subscribes to the highest level of integrity. 
  • A continuous professional development requirement signifies that the SCMP maintains the highest level of current knowledge.
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2019 In-Residence Week
Meeting the Needs of Employers
External Recognition
Pre-Requisites & Admission
Advanced Standing
Work Experience Recognition

Meeting the Needs of Employers

With all areas of supply chain management increasingly impacting an organization’s competitiveness, today’s supply chain management professional is expected to:

  • be a strategic leader; 
  • possess a big-picture perspective; and 
  • be a skilled decision-maker.

External Recognition

The SCMP Designation Program™ answers employer demands for the added value that exceptional supply chain leadership brings to their organizations. Employers benefit from the SCMP’s unique and distinctive competence. Recognized as strategic professionals who provide companies with innovative supply chain management leadership, SCMPs are sought out by employers all across Canada.

The SCMP Designation Program is certified through the National Accreditation Program (NAP). Originally granted in 2009, the NAP accreditation is reviewed every three years.

In recognition of the high quality of the SCMP Designation Program, SCMP designation holders are also eligible for designation reciprocity with the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) in the United States.

Reciprocal agreement for holders of the SCMP™ or an EMBA from Athabasca University

AU Logo SCMA™ has a reciprocal agreement with Athabasca University’s (AU) Executive MBA program, which for the first time allows holders of the SCMP™ designation to receive exemption credits towards a Master’s degree from an accredited post-secondary institution.

For individuals who hold the SCMP designation in good standing, Athabasca University will grant transfer credit for up to nine (9) total credits within the Executive MBA Program. The Executive MBA Program consists of forty eight (48) credits. This will decrease the time to complete by up to six (6) months and reduce the tuition by approximately $9,000. Contact Athabasca University for more details.

For individuals who hold an AU EMBA, SCMA™ will grant exemption from two (2) modules and three (3) workshops in the SCMP Designation Program™.  The entire education aspect of the program consists of eight (8) modules and six (6) workshops. This will decrease the time to complete by seven (7) months and a savings of approximately 35% of the value. To start pursuing your SCMP™ designation, please contact your local SCMA Institute office.

Pre-Requisites & Admission

Prerequisite Business Management Knowledge

The nature and level of content in the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP)™ designation program requires that, prior to enrollment, candidates have insight into the:

  • Functioning of people and organizations;
  • Workings of the marketplace; and 
  • Accounting methods that enable an organization to effectively manage its revenues and expenditures.

Individuals who have successfully completed a degree or diploma program in a business-related function at a Canadian university, college or technical institute will be deemed to have met the admission requirement. Other individuals will need to obtain business management knowledge through post-secondary courses or SCMA™ educational offerings in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Business;
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Business Communication 
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behaviour

Please contact your SCMA™ Institute for more details, including a list of courses from your province's post-secondary institutions that qualify for the business management knowledge prerequisite.

Advanced Standing

If you are interested in enrolling in the SCMP Designation Program™ and have acquired some supply chain management content knowledge in a full-time Canadian post-secondary degree program (or an equivalent foreign post-secondary degree program),  you may apply for advanced standing.

Advanced Standing for CCLP Designation Holders

SCMA and CITT have signed an historic agreement that enables holders of the CITT-Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP) designation to receive advanced standing towards the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation.

Effective immediately, CCLPs are exempt from Module 3 – Logistics and Transportation in the SCMP designation program.

Those CCLPs who have also completed CITT’s Foundations of Risk Management and/or Negotiation Strategies for Supply Chain Professionals courses are eligible for exemption from the Risk Management and/or Negotiation Skills workshops in the SCMP designation program.

The first step in the application process is to complete and submit the appropriate Application for Advanced Standing and the below mentioned documentation with the administration fee of $750.00. Upon approval of your application for entry into our SCMP Designation Program:

  • You will receive a one-year of membership with the SCMA.
  • You are automatically exempted from Module 3 (Logistics and Transportation).
  • If you submitted proof of having completed CITT’s Foundations of Risk Management and/or Negotiation strategies for Supply Chain Professionals courses, you will also be exempted from Workshops 2 and 5.
  • You will be entitled to use the SCMP (candidate) identifier while enrolled in the SCMP Designation Program and maintaining your membership in good standing.

If you have any questions, please contact Pat Campbell, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Work Experience Recognition

SCMA™ understands that many professionals seeking an SCMP™ designation have, through experience, gained invaluable business knowledge that is comparable to some of the pre-requisite education requirements for entry into the program. Prospective candidates who have strategic supply chain management field of practice knowledge obtained through 10 years’ relevant work experience with a minimum of five years or more at the mid-career level or higher may be eligible to apply their work experience towards exemption from the post-secondary education requirements for entry into the program.

Candidates applying for program entry based on work experience must provide: 

  • Employment confirmation and/or employer reference letters stating positions held with corresponding scope of responsibilities; 
  • Detailed position descriptions; 
  • Current resume; and 
  • An organizational chart to illustrate function level and position.