The Final Examination is the last step in attaining the SCMP™ designation. Candidates are provided the convenience of taking the exam online, remotely wherever they prefer.

The examination tests the ability of candidates to apply the knowledge that is presented in the SCMP Designation Program™, as well as the skills gained through a candidate’s practical experience.


The format of the examination is a written case study response:

The outline contains background information such as the economic, political and social conditions existing in the business environment. This allows candidates to develop an understanding of the context for the case that they will be analyzing. They can then demonstrate their critical thinking skills and strategic planning competency.


Individuals, who are registered in the SCMP Designation Program™, have successfully completed all academic and experiential requirements, as well as In-Residence Week, and for whom the final examination is the last step in the SCMP Designation Program™.

Registration SCMP™ designation program's final exam

Candidates planning on writing the exam must register for it separately. You may pre-register for the final exam before completing In-Residence Week; however, only candidates who have completed In-Residence Week can write the final examination. If you have any questions about your eligibility for In-Residence Week or the final examination, please contact your local SCMA Institute office. Full details on the process and format for the final exam will be provided during In-Residence Week. As the exam format may have evolved with program changes, do not rely on previous candidates’ experience as a guideline for what to expect. Information regarding the examination procedure will be provided at IRW.

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Exam registration and fees are not included in the IRW registration.

Final exam registration fees are: $750 + applicable taxes.