December 6, 2018 - TORONTO - The Government of Canada announced today at the G7 Multi-stakeholder Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Montreal the conclusion of a $230 million contribution agreement between the government and SCALE AI, the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered supply chain supercluster which was announced in February as part of the Innovation Superclusters Initiative.  The Government of Québec has also announced $60 million in support for SCALE AI and its IVADO LABS laboratory.

“This is a historic initiative that will transform the supply chain landscape in Canada for years to come,” said Christian Buhagiar, President and CEO, SCMA. “As an enabling partner of SCALE AI, SCMA applauds this significant investment by the Canadian and Québec governments. We look forward to the acceleration of the development and adoption of AI in Canadian supply chains to position Canada as a world leader in digital supply chain management.”

In addition to the financial contributions announced by the governments, SCALE AI’s industry partners are committed to not only match their contribution, but to double the amount.

In total, the Government of Canada will invest $950 million in five superclusters across the country between now and 2023.



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