As a Student Affiliate of the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA)™, students will have taken the first step towards a successful and lucrative career in supply chain management. SCMA™ is Canada’s largest professional association for supply chain and will give them access to the training, education and network they need to succeed.

Affiliation in SCMA™ helps students get a foot into the competitive supply chain management industry while they are completing their studies and lays the invaluable foundations for their future professional network as they prepare to graduate and beyond.

Student Affiliates of SCMA™ are entitled to:

  • Best practices and professional development

Access to education and training at special rates to keep students up-to-date on the latest information on real-world supply chain developments, challenges and innovation. (Contact your local institute for details.)

  • Networking and building their future professional network

Through a wide variety of opportunities for networking students will come face-to-face with top experts in the field. Discounts to local and national networking events and conferences, access to a searchable online SCMA member directory and social media connect them with professionals in supply chain from across Canada.

  • Latest supply chain management news, research and trends

SCMA will keep students up-to-date on the latest in supply chain management through our website, SCMA™ e-newsletters™, SCMA™ members-only resource centre and a complimentary digital subscription to a leading industry publication. They will also have complimentary access to our Annual Survey of the Canadian Supply Chain Management Professional ($300 value) that benchmarks monetary and non-monetary compensation in the profession.

  • Valuable discounts

Student Affiliates receive reduced rates on SCMA™ training and professional resources that will get them a head start on their supply chain career. They’ll save money with exclusive deals on products and services they already use through MemberPerks from retailers across the country. (Contact your local institute for details.)

  • Volunteering and leadership opportunities

Student Affiliates are encouraged to get involved with SCMA™. On-campus opportunities to become volunteer SCMA™ Student Liaisons or Representatives for their school may be available. In addition, there may also be opportunities to volunteer with their local SCMA Institute, setting the stage for future involvement on provincial and/or national boards.

  • New career opportunities

Student Affiliates will benefit from their complimentary access to our national SCMA™ CareerLink™, powered by Workopolis – a comprehensive job board, listing positions in the supply chain management field from junior to executive.