An industry-created, industry-tested tool for the supply chain

The Connector is an online assessment tool that provides users with accurate assessments of their supply chain knowledge and their essential skills with respect to the 48 occupations for which the Council has written occupational standards. Based on knowledge gaps identified through the assessments, the tool generates customized learning plans and activities they can do to upgrade their competencies for current and desired roles. Finally, the tool links users to information about education and training available across Canada to build skills where gaps exist.

  • Learn what’s required to work in key supply chain occupations
  • Assess skills and knowledge in relation to specific supply chain roles
  • Complete learning-plan recommendations to upgrade competencies and enhance career opportunities
NEW FEATURES, launched in January 2018:
  • TransferAbility: Discover supply chain occupations that fit existing skills and knowledge – Excellent tool for those in transition
  • Résumé Writer: Create a résumé quickly and easily based on information provided as part of evaluation process

Connector assessments, learning plans and resources are provided free of charge.

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Use Connector to evaluate knowledge and skills with respect to the 48 occupations outlined in these occupational standards.

The tool gauges industry knowledge in seven areas:

  • Business and management
  • Customer service
  • Digital skills
  • Security
  • Standards and regulations
  • Teamwork
  • Workplace safety

It also focuses on six essential skills:

  • Document use
  • Listening skills
  • Numeracy
  • Reading
  • Thinking skills
  • Writing

The assessments come in two versions; the short version takes about 10 minutes to complete, the long version about 20 minutes.


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Connector introductory video Canadian Shipper video: The Connector
November 26, 2015

Canadian Shipper video: "Supply Chain Toolkit"
June 10, 2014

Connector Introductory Video

Case Studies

Learn how to put Connector to use based on these real-life examples.

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George Brown College

Get correct information to students and their parents about supply chain careers to change misconceptions about the character and career-path potential of supply chain work

LifeMark Health

Match students to roles that best fit their experience and aptitudes to target training and improve employability

Manitoulin Group of Companies

Enable succession planning and management by gauging employees’ readiness for new roles. Discover what specific workers need to learn to be promotion-ready

Metro Supply Chain Group

Ensure that warehouse employees meet job demands to operate both material-handling equipment and computers by completing Connector competency-building activities


Sherritt International

Use assessment results to understand the skills and knowledge, as well as the skill gaps, of employees, to both fit people to roles and improve employees’ skill sets

Triskele Logistics Ltd.

Have job candidates take several of the tool’s assessments to evaluate their abilities, and improve success in hiring and retention

Olajide Adetunji (individual)

Take assessments to validate skills and knowledge relative to Canadian industry standards



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