Purchaser Power
As a strategic link in your company’s supply chain, you can make a change!

The Supply Chain Management Association’s new Purchaser Power program will provide supply chain professionals with the tools, resources and best practices for implementing sustainable procurement practices when purchasing energy-consuming equipment for commercial and industrial sector companies in Canada.

Purchaser Power will encourage companies to develop and implement best practices. This includes purchasing ENERGY STAR®-certified products and using the tools and resources specifically created for companies interested in the benefits of purchasing energy-efficient products—benefits such enhanced competitiveness and producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Tools and resources will include:

  • An online voluntary reporting tool that will aggregate and publicly display the energy and GHG savings of program participants. You will be able to benchmark yourself against participants from your industry or the aggregate of all participants.
  • Case studies - Industrial and commercial sector companies that have implemented sustainable purchasing practices will be highlighted as providing best practices in processes, costs, and benefits of implementing sustainable procurement practices when purchasing energy-efficient equipment.
  • A purchasing toolkit - A guide for implementing best practices when purchasing equipment upgrades.
  • Training sessions to introduce the toolkit’s functionality and strategic value to senior management, and to provide practical guidance to front line purchasers.

As part of the program, SCMA™ conducted a survey to baseline current trends within the purchasing community, to analyze buying practices and barriers around equipment upgrades (including life cycle costing) and to identify best practices in the field. The results of the survey are now available (pdf 1.45 MB). The Purchaser Power program is made possible by a financial contribution from Natural Resources Canada.

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