In 2014, SCMA™ conducted a national survey to find out what role sustainable procurement and energy efficiency are playing in the purchasing decisions of supply chain professionals in Canada. The survey is the first stage of the Purchaser Power project. It was commissioned to baseline current awareness of the ENERGY STAR initiative, to document the type of equipment organizations buy most frequently, and to understand current purchasing practices and the way purchasing decisions of energy consuming equipment are evaluated. The results of the Purchaser Power survey will determine what tools and resources will be created to assist supply chain professionals to implement sustainable procurement practices.

The results of the survey are now available (pdf 1.02 MB).

Do you know which equipment uses the most energy?

Based on survey results and using the ENERGY STAR Simple Savings Calculator, you can determine which equipment is the energy hog, and which will provide the greatest energy cost savings when choosing to replace your industrial or commercial equipment.