SCMA is developing a series of reports on a quarterly basis, designed to raise the profile of the profession by demonstrating to key opinion leaders the value and expertise of supply chain professionals.

December 2016

How It's Done™ - Sport & Supply Chains

The supply chain is literally everywhere and touches every sector. We often think of it in terms of manufacturing but it plays a major role across all sectors, including in the business of sport. Sports teams rely on complex logistics, responsive merchandizing, broad-based procurement, and working strategically with equipment suppliers to find that ever more elusive competitive edge. SCMA’s How It’s Done: Sport & Supply Chains looks at the increasing role supply chain management is playing from baseball to hockey to cycling.

How It’s Done – Sport & Supply Chains (PDF, 462 KB)

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September 2016

How It’s Done – Responsible Supply Chains

In today’s digital world, supply chains are potentially, and frequently, a major source of reputational damage. Environmental, ethical, or social issues arising with suppliers in far off parts of the world are very quickly linked back to higher profile organizations through the supply chain. SCMA’s How It’s Done: Responsible Supply Chains report looks at this evolution and provides an overview of how organizations are addressing issues and in some cases using supply chain responsibility to drive performance.

Responsible Supply Chains (PDF, 923 KB)

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August 2016

The Next Frontier of Value Creation

The Economic and Strategic Impact of Supply Chain Management in Canada (PDF, 1.28 MB)

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June 2016

How It’s Done

Well-functioning supply chains improve the performance of organizations of all shapes and sizes. Efficient supply chain management can improve productivity without the disruption that often accompany traditional cost-cutting measures. SCMA’s How It’s Done report examines how Canadian organizations use their supply chain function to deliver benefits right across their operations.

Why Canada's Supply Chain Matters (PDF, 876 KB)

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October 2014

Behind the Numbers™

The Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) surveys supply chain professionals to deliver the most timely economic indicator available. It is widely used by central banks around the world to guide economic policy. By tracking variables such as output, new orders, employment and prices across key sectors, it provides valuable insights into the true state of the economy. SCMA's Behind the Numbers™ report looks beyond the PMI at the issues impacting the economy through the lens of individual supply chain professionals across a variety of sectors.

Behind the Numbers™: Issues Impacting Canada's Economy (PDF, 587 KB)

Behind the Numbers™ report cover