SmartWay Comes to Canada

smartway logo transparentIn partnership with Natural Resources Canada, SCMA™ is proud to announce the arrival of SmartWay. The SmartWay Transport Partnership is an innovative partnership between public and private stakeholders with the shared goal of saving fuel and reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution from the freight transportation supply chain.

Originally launched by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 2004, SmartWay has been administered in Canada by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) since 2012. The program is also supported by NRCan's FleetSmart initiative, which offers additional information, resources and services designed to help you save fuel.

SCMA's industry leadership will support the Canadian SmartWay launch by encouraging wider adoption of sustainability standards, enabling a more competitive marketplace.

What is SmartWay?

The SmartWay program offers a one-stop-shop tool to benchmark fleets, allowing for year-over-year evaluation of progress, which will provide a mechanism for companies to measure themselves against each other.

The SmartWay program uses fuel, mileage and payload data about carriers to calculate carrier emissions rates for eight distinct emissions categories. Shippers can use SmartWay emissions information to compare carriers for contracting purposes.

At the end of each year, shippers can calculate their own freight carbon footprint by consulting emissions information from the SmartWay carriers they contracted.

The program works by linking shippers who have an interest in greening their supply chains with fuel-efficient carriers (truck carriers, multi-modal carriers, logistics companies) that are recognized by SmartWay. Other organizations with an interest in greening the freight transportation supply chain can participate as SmartWay Affiliates or Community Members. Affiliates and Community Members encourage their members or customers to participate in SmartWay.

Who can use SmartWay?

Shippers can use SmartWay to:

  • compare the environmental performance of carriers
  • calculate their freight carbon footprint
  • qualify to use the SmartWay Partner logo for marketing purposes

Carriers can use SmartWay to:

  • market themselves to shippers concerned about emissions
  • benchmark themselves against industry peers
  • qualify to use the SmartWay Partner logo for marketing purposes

Why join SmartWay?

SmartWay provides a benchmarking tool that will allow you to compare your company against your industry peers. Benchmarking is a process that involves regularly monitoring and measuring your operations against industry best practices in order to improve your performance.

The objectives of benchmarking are to:

  • Compare yourself against your peers
  • Analyze how others are doing it
  • Identify what improvements you can make and at what cost
  • Develop action plans on how to adopt best practices

While benchmarking won't improve your operations, it can help you understand where improvements can or should be made. Seeing how your company compares to industry averages can inspire important questions: “Why aren't we performing as well as others? Where can we make improvements?”