Case Studies - Now Available!

SCMA has collected thirteen case studies from companies participating in the Canadian program. To access these studies, please click on the company icons below to download the PDF files.

nestlewheelsBlue Chipcatalystbison transport logocascadeDay and Rosserb logojd smith logoslh 2challenger motor freightxtl tld logoRyder

What type of information is required?

To ensure the consistency of the new fleet profiles and case studies, the following main areas will be covered:

  1. General overview of the organization/fleet
  2. Corporate policy and program development
  3. Use of innovative technologies
  4. Cultural aspects
  5. Business impacts

What is involved?

The process flow and time commitment required are anticipated to be as follows:

Step 1 Initial Discovery Session - 90 minutes (client & SCMA™ joint activity)
Step 2 SmartWay Reporting Data Session - 60 minutes (client & SCMA™ joint activity)
Step 3 Confirmation Session - 60 minutes (client & SCMA™ joint activity)
Step 4 Case Study Preparation and Editing - 2 Business Days (SCMA internal only)
Step 5 Client Review and Publishing - 1 Business Day (or as needed for client review)