Gerald Wallace Memorial Award

The Supply Chain Management Association Manitoba (SMCA MB) has established a memorial award to honor the memory and contributions of Gerald Wallace, past director of PMAC Manitoba/SCMA MB. This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and professional commitment to SCMA MB and the field of supply chain management.

At least one award is available annually; to be used toward a course or seminar that is part of the educational requirements of the SCMA designation.

Submissions for the award will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Current member in good standing of SCMA MB
  • Professional development: Completion of at least two courses/seminars toward the SCMA designations.
  • Academic achievement: Demonstration of excellent grades in courses leading to the SCMA designation. (Applicants with less than a cumulative GPA of 2.5 will not be considered.)
  • Professional commitment to SCMA MB and the field of supply chain management: Demonstration, outside of regular coursework, of outstanding professional commitment by volunteering, or otherwise contributing his/her time and efforts to the development of SCMA MB including the organization’s events, activities, and committees

The SCMA MB Awards Committee shall select one qualified applicant it determines best meets the criteria listed above. The Gerald Wallace Award will be presented at the SCMA MB Annual General Meeting.

The application is available online (PDF, 314 KB)


About Gerald Wallace

Gerald WallaceDuring his over 25 years as a Member, Director and Honorary PMAC Member, Gerald Wallace made numerous outstanding contributions to this association. He served as a Director seven times (one year terms 1980-83 and 1984-89), and was granted Honorary Member in 1988.

One very notable contribution was Gerald’s role as a key member of the committee that in 1988 achieved recognition by the Manitoba legislature of the purchasing designation, Certified Professional Purchaser (CPP). He contributed to the development of PMAC marketing and communication materials, and gave his time to design and create promotional displays used for the Annual Career Symposium. He was instrumental in creating a documentary about Winnipeg for the 1987 Winnipeg PMAC Conference, and also initiated and contributed to the written materials celebrating our 60th and 75th anniversaries of PMAC Manitoba.

His willingness to share his extensive knowledge and experience with the executive and members during those 25 years was invaluable to the development and operation of our association today.

The spirit of the Gerald Wallace Memorial Award is to encourage our members, and students, to gain professional knowledge and skills, and work together toward the betterment of our profession. The SCMA Manitoba Awards Committee encourages you to get involved and be recognized.