The Student Case Competition hosted by SCMA™ offers an excellent opportunity to show your corporate support of the student community and to help develop tomorrow's leader today. By doing so, you have a unique opportunity to promote your business, its people, products, and services to select groups of individuals from across Canada.

The Student Case Competition

The Student Case Competition is a one-day annual event, during which student teams will be given a real world strategic and tactical challenge to solve. They may examine topics such as logistics network design, relationship management or sustainability. Working in their teams, the students will explore a scenario pertaining to a supply chain problem provided by a Canadian company; we do not use standard cases. The teams will develop recommendations based on their research, data analysis, and study of financial implications. A panel of industry professionals and academics will adjudicate the presentations.

Why Sponsor?

Your organization will have great exposure and access to a collection of bright and ambitious students, professors, and industry professionals. Your organization's logo will be on the promotional material of an annual event that has already generated a high level of interest and attention. Lastly, your company will be in a select group of supporters, as case competition sponsorship is limited.

Meet Talented Future Leaders

Through the marketing campaign, your company will be exposed to supply chain and business management students across the country. At the event, you will meet some of the most talented future business leaders. As a sponsor you will be able to see students leveraging their creative problem-solving tools to deliver a compelling presentation surrounding a complex issue. Don't miss this valuable opportunity to network with top performers. 

View the sponsorship brochure, and find out more about enhancing your company's profile at 2019 SCMA Student Case Competition, contact Lynne Coles, Vice President, Growth and Chief Marketing Officer, SCMA, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..