In 2016, the United Nations (UN) selected SCMA as their new training partner of two transportation and logistics programs for their international team of supply chain professionals.  These programs provide training that is not currently -offered through the UN’s supply management training curriculum. Last month, the first cohort of these training programs completed their studies.

Each of the two programs consists of three online courses, each 13 weeks in duration, and a five-day in-house workshop.


(SCMA Vice President, Policy and Professional Development Rick Cleveland (first row, right) and SCMA instructor Larry Berglund, SCMP, FSCMA (first row, left), with program participants at the United Nations Global Service Centre (UNGSC) in Italy.)

The initial run of the program was well received by participants with UN staff citing it as the most highly engaged of the dozens of online courses that are offered internally by the agency.

SCMA is grateful to the instructors who made this UN training program a success:

  • Rashpal Uppal Assi
  • Lou Ann Birkett
  • Jean Loitz
  • Louis Girrard
  • Don Patterson, and
  • Larry Berglund

The UN has requested two more cycles of the program, with an option to extend the contract for two more years.