Keep up-to-date on where SCMA is headed by reading the SCMA Annual General Meeting (AGM) minutes.

Highlights of the meeting include:

  • The Chair reported that the Board has been working jointly with Institute partners through the Federation Council. The governance model includes joint Board/Federation Council committees, such as the Governance Committee and the Finance and Audit Committee.
  • The SCMA President & CEO reported that his on-site meetings with the leadership, members and volunteers at the Institutes were productive. The SCMA President & CEO emphasized the discussions included the overarching questions of how to grow the organization, serve the profession, stay relevant and provide value to members.  Additional meetings were held with partners and competitors to gain further insights on the professional landscape.
  • The Chair introduced the two new members of the Board of Directors, Lis Anderson, SCMP, and Stephen Cherlet.
  • Chad Penney, SCMP was confirmed as the member-at-large representative to the Leadership Development Committee (LDC).

For more information, please review the AGM minutes posted in the SCMA Portal.