Canadian Deferred Prosecution Agreement

SCMA recently made a submission to the Canadian government to provide consultation to address corporate wrongdoing within the Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) and the Integrity Regime streams. This consultation is an opportunity for the government to consider the possibility of introducing a Canadian DPA regime as an additional tool for prosecutors, in appropriate circumstances, to address corporate crime.
To prepare for its submission, SCMA assembled a task force of senior supply chain practitioners from various industries and sectors:

  • Larry Berglund, SCMP, MBA, FSCMA
  • LouAnn Birkett, CSCMP, FSCMA; National Board of Directors, SCMA
  • Rick Cleveland, CTDP; Vice President, Policy and Professional Development, SCMA
  • Rita Godin, CSCMP
  • Glynn Hancott, CSCMP

We gratefully acknowledge our task force members for sharing their expert insights on this submission. Over the past year, SCMA has been actively ensuring that Canadian supply chain voices help shape and encourage Canadian competitiveness in the global marketplace. Whether it be submissions to the Canadian government on the modernization of NAFTA, supporting the creation of an AI-powered supply chains supercluster, or this DPA initiative, SCMA is committed to working with governments, business, and other groups to leverage the valuable expertise of supply chain professionals.