CFTA RCT Submission

SCMA recently provided its submission to the Government of Canada's consultation on regulatory cooperation and regulation table (RCT) and identified four key priority areas: labour mobility, inventory and warehousing, transportation and technology.

It is SCMA's view that federal and provincial governments need to consider the end-to-end flow of goods throughout the entire supply chain, and that regulations need to be examined along those supply chains.

“Modern supply chains are complex structures that facilitate innovation, competition, and growth in emerging industries, technologies, and sectors. In our submission to the federal government, SCMA is ensuring that the voice of Canada’s supply chain leaders is heard and that the country’s value chains are not overly burdened or restricted,” said SCMA President & CEO Christian Buhagiar. “In particular, SCMA wants the government to take into account – when developing regulatory measures – the burden on SMEs and the need for regulations that respect their limited resources.”

SCMA’s submission recommends that the government addresses these four key areas first through the RCT:

  • Labour mobility: Although provisions dealing with labour mobility under the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) have improved the mobility of workers across Canada, there is further work to be done in this area.
  • Inventory and warehousing: Different regulations and standards in inventory and warehousing between jurisdictions often make it difficult for Canadian businesses to sell their products to consumers and retailers across the country.
  • Transportation: The regulatory barriers faced by the transportation sector impact businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. Provinces and territories need to cooperate to address the varying regulations on legal truck weights and dimensions.
  • Technology: As a tool, technology can enable increased cooperation and facilitate greater inter-jurisdictional trade.

In addition, while environmental regulations are exempt from the CFTA, the SCMA reminded the government that jurisdictions should continue to work towards common environmental regulations that create consistent approaches for businesses across their supply chains in Canada.

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