Admission Requirements

The nature and level of content in the program requires that, prior to enrollment, candidates have: an insight into the functioning of people and organizations, the workings of the marketplace, and the accounting methods that enable an organization to effectively manage its revenues and expenditures.

This will ensure that those enrolling in the program have a common base level of fundamental business management knowledge in the supporting areas of supply chain management. The prerequisite knowledge positions candidates to derive maximum benefit from the program.

Interested applicants must have completed one of the following:

  1. University degree in a business-related field;
  2. College diploma in a business-related field;
  3. Business Management Courses - Economics, Introduction to Business, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Business Communications and Organizational Behaviour from a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution;
  4. Work Experience: A minimum of 10 years (5 of which must be at a managerial or supervisory level);
  5. Certificate in Supply Management Training graduates should contact SCMANB for admission requirements.

Pre-requisite Documentation

Documentation must be submitted in support of the business management knowledge pre-requisite requirement. Official academic transcripts are required from a Canadian university, college or technical institute for the prerequisite courses taken.

Should academic achievements have been completed outside of Canada, applicants will be required to have out-of-country transcripts first assessed through an official credentialing equivalency evaluation organization (eg. WES or ICAS) and submit the results with your Application for Admission.

Work Experience

Prospective candidates who have strategic supply chain management field of practice knowledge obtained through a minimum of 10 years of relevant work experience, 5 years of which must be at managerial or supervisory level, are eligible to apply this towards exemption from the post-secondary education requirements for entry into the program. These candidates must complete the Work Experience Recognition Application Form and submit it to SCMANB along with the Application for Admission.

Advanced Standing


As a professional accreditation program, the SCMP Designation Program is unique in its design, structure and content. However, some prospective candidates will have acquired similar knowledge in a full-time Canadian post-secondary degree program or equivalent. Such individuals may be exempt from select program components; some elements of the accreditation program will remain mandatory. Candidates wishing to earn exemptions from the SCMP modules must complete the Advanced Standing Application Form and submit it along with the Application for Admission.

Challenge Exams

Prospective candidates, who have strategic supply chain management field of practice knowledge obtained through a post-secondary course completed over five years ago or who have more than 10 years’ experience with five years being at a managerial or supervisory level, may apply for exemption from a module by way of a challenge exam.  The purpose of the challenge exam is to demonstrate sufficient work experience in the corresponding subject area.  Candidates wishing to earn exemptions for the SCMP modules must complete the Challenge Exam Application Form and submit it along with the Application for Admission.

Academic Partners

Eastern College

SCMANB and Eastern College have an Advanced Standing Agreement for graduates of Eastern College’s full-time Supply Chain & Logistics Diploma Program, providing them with an efficient path to pursue their Certified SCMP designation. For more information, click here.