1. How do I apply for the Certificate in Supply Management?
If you choose to complete all available Supply Management Training courses and seminars or equivalents, and can demonstrate a minimum of 1 year supply chain related work experience, you may apply for the Certificate in Supply Management.

2. Can I transfer credits towards my Certificate in Supply Management courses taken elsewhere?
Yes, by applying for Advanced Standing. SCMANB considers prior learning within the last 5 years, and may grant exemption credits to a maximum of 2 Technical courses and 3 Business Management Knowledge seminars completed with a passing grade of 70% and higher. Soft Skills seminars are not eligible for exemption.

Please mail SCMANB a completed Advanced Standing Application Form with original transcripts (hard copy) and course descriptions – with the application payment ($100 members/$250 non-members) for processing. Multiple exemptions can be submitted per form, only one processing fee applies per form.

3. Do I need to be an SCMANB member to apply for the Certificate in Supply Management?
No, but an application fee does apply for non-members.