Every year SCMA NL honours a company with the Supplier of the Year Award. Since 1991, this award has recognized the strategic value and service that individual suppliers contribute to the supply chain management profession and their associated employers.

Any active Newfoundland & Labrador Institute member is eligible to nominate one provincially established supplier. Suppliers nominated are not limited to those that provide goods, but include providers of any range of products or services.

Some of the criteria the Nomination Committee will review include contribution to the bottom line, vendor performance, level of customer service, problem-solving, communications, quality, and innovation and creativity.

The award is presented annually in the spring. Recent winners include:

2009 - Agility Logistics
2008 - Colonial Auto Parts Limited
2007 - Canada Fitting & Flange Inc.
2006 - Russel Metals
2005 - Maritime Utility & Industrial Sales Ltd.
2004 - SEA Systems Ltd.
2003 - S&S Supply Ltd.
2002 - Mikan Inc.
2001 - Peter Pan Sales Ltd.
2000 - P.F. Collins Customs Brokers Ltd.
1999 - Harris & Roome Supply Ltd.
1998 - Canadian Medical Products Inc.
1997 - Canadian Medical Products Inc.
1996 - Fanning's National Office Inc.
1995 - Pharmaceutical Supplies Ltd.
1994 - Baxter Corporation
1993 - Fanning's National Office Inc.
1992 - H.F. Fanning & Sons Limited