June 2016

Shawn WayAs spring and a new fiscal year begins, I would like to highlight some of SCMA NS’ activities. Our recent breakfast presentation by Chris Mitchell on Strategic Sourcing received excellent feedback from the attendees. I think most that were there gained a lot of respect for the amount work ethic and integrity Chris Mitchell showed during the implementation of the $2.8 billion Strategic Sourcing program at the Province.

In addition to the Breakfast, we were very excited to have Debby Shapero offer a 2-day Service Contracting Seminar at the end of May. Mrs. Shapero, a well-established lawyer from Toronto, gave Maritime attendees both an overview Service Contracting as well as helpful tips and tricks. With 30 years of experience in the law field, she offered a very important perspective and insight to service contracting. To learn more about other events SCMA NS has to offer, check out our Event Calendar at http://www.scma.com/ns/events/browse-event-calendar.

The above event offerings are examples of how we have taken our members' constructive feedback and have been able to provide more tailored services for local supply chain management professionals. Together with our members support, we will continue to provide education programs and events recognizing and understanding current trends affecting the supply chain industry. Ultimately, our goal is to create more value to our members and employers by offering the most relevant and engaging courses, seminars, and networking events.

With that being said, I hope our SCMA NS members will be able to join me in the learning more about our industry and recognizing our supply chain colleagues at the 2016 National Conference in Niagara Falls June 15-17. The “Generating New Ideas” Conference is bound to be an inspiring event and I encourage you to take this opportunity to grow your professional network and build your understanding of SCM.

With the new online delivery model for the module portion of the SCMP program and technical courses of the SMT program, participants can now enter the program in May. There is a Spring/Summer session available for both programs with their respective education schedules posted on www.scma.com/ns. If you know anyone who is interested in the program please encourage them to contact the SCMA NS office. Good luck to those SCMP Candidates who will be embarking on their final stages of the program at In-Residence Week and taking the Final Exam.

On behalf of all the Board of Directors, we thank you for being a part of SCMA NS. We look forward to serving our members and providing the best quality of supply chain management educational programs and networking events. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can do better, please feel free to contact myself, any of the Board Members, or the SCMA NS office.