The SCMA Code of Ethics was adopted by SCMAO through an affiliation agreement. All members of SCMA adhere to the following code of ethics.

As a professional body, the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) has a duty to provide guidance to its affiliated Institutes/Corporation and their members on the standards of behaviour and ethical conduct with respect to membership in SCMA. As professionals in supply chain management, members are obliged to comply with the Code of Ethics (the Code) prescribed by SCMA and adopted by the Institutes/Corporation to uphold the integrity of the profession, the Institutes/Corporation and SCMA as a whole.

Professional standing requires a level of conduct that adds value to the organizations which employ our services and to the society we serve. Members of professional organizations are often subject to more than a single code of conduct. The global dimensions of business create the potential situation where the practices in one jurisdiction may not be acceptable or recognized in another. Should there be a potential conflict for a member between applicable codes of conduct, it is suggested that the appropriate authority of the employing organization be contacted for advice. If a member is not able to resolve an ethical issue in accordance with the Code, the member should seek legal advice as to any legal rights and obligations the member may have.

The expectations of society for professional behaviour and conduct evolve as collective values change. Members should be guided not only by the terms of the Code but by the implicit expectations of conduct becoming a professional.

One of the means for professionals to support a strong ethical commitment is to continue to adopt best practices in the supply management field. It is incumbent upon SCMA members to maintain their credentials in order to sustain the trust and confidence placed on them by others to represent their interests.

The professional conduct of an individual member is important as that conduct reflects on SCMA, affiliated Institutes/Corporation, and all members. As business issues change, the SCMA will amend its Code of Ethics where it is deemed appropriate to reflect the highest standards of professional conduct. SCMA has committed to ensuring that its Code of Ethics is reviewed at a minimum of every five years.

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