Under the provincial Acts respecting the Ontario Institute of PMAC (1987 and 2010), the Registrar, by authority of the Board of Directors, regulates professional education and certification.  The Board of Directors of SCMAO invests the Executive Director with the rights and responsibilities of Registrar, and for administering the Registrar’s duties through an Office of the Registrar. 

The Office of the Registrar is charged with regulating the following:

  • Registration of Membership
  • Registration and Education of Students
  • Certification and Competency
  • Conduct
  • Academic Records and Transcripts
  • Fees Payable and Refunds
  • Complaints and Discipline
  • Appeals

The Registrar functions under, and is guided by, the following procedures and policies:

  1. Professional Association (PDF, 89.11 KB)
  2. Office of the Registrar (PDF, 77.71 KB)
  3. Professional Programs (PDF, 71.26 KB)
  4. Admission to Professional Programs (PDF, 79.43 KB)
  5. Student Rights and Responsibilities (PDF, 114.64 KB)
  6. Regulation and Student Protection (PDF, 92.41 KB)
  7. Education and Public Relations (PDF, 71.39 KB)
  8. Code of Ethics (PDF, 60 kb)
  9. Award of Professional Designation (PDF, 138.21 KB)