Certified SCMPs are expected to undertake continuous professional development to maintain a level of competency and current knowledge. This is essential to upholding the credibility of the designation. Designated professionals must have the knowledge, skills and attributes to surpass customer expectations throughout their careers.

To continue to hold the designation, a Certified SCMP must:

    1. Uphold the SCMA Code of Ethics;
    2. Earn 30 Maintenance Credits over successive 3-year maintenance periods;
    3. Remain an SCMA-SCMAO member in good standing through annual paid membership; and
    4. Adhere to the Terms & Conditions by which all CSCMPs are bound

Your activities must be reported before the conclusion of your three-year maintenance period. To report maintenance activities, login to the Member Portal and click on “Continuing Professional Development” on the menu on the left. Under “Add New CPD Activity” choose from the options in each of the drop down menus. Only non-SCMAO activities are to be reported using the self-reporting module. Please retain supporting documentation of completed activities for verification purposes should you be audited.


Eligible Activities

Certified SCMP holders can select from various seminars, webinars and courses offered by SCMAO and SCMA, as well as from other professional organizations, educational institutions and job-related employer training. For a complete list of upcoming SCMAO activities, please click here.

If you have any questions about the Maintenance Program or would like to discuss your particular circumstances, please contact:

Debi Allen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 416-977-7566 x 2133.